Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Disney Collectibles

Disney has some really sweet sculptures by Jim Shore.  Disney also owns some properties you might forget they own sometimes.  Like the Muppets, Marvel and...oh yeah, Star Wars.  Weird.  Anyway, here are some of the sweet collectibles I've come across over at the Disney site.

Kermit and Miss Piggy book ends by Jim Shore.
Stone Resin.  Slip-free foot pads.
Kermit 6 1/2" high x 5 3/4" wide 4 3/4" depth
Miss Piggy 7" high x 5 3/4" wide 4 3/4" depth

The Mary Poppins Snow Globe
6" H with 5" Diameter
Plays Chim-chim-cher-ee

Deluxe Tonto Figure
12" Figure
Poseable.  Removable Headdress.

Lone Ranger Figure
12" high
Removable hat. Accesories.

Beauty and the Beast Throw
98% Cotton, 1% lurex, 1% nylon
64" H x 55" W not including the fringe

Be Our Guest Goblet
7 1/4" H x 4" Diameter.  Holds 12 oz.
Ceramic painted to look like Stone.

Maleficent Doll
12" High

Randall Plush
Polyester 11" high
$8.00 (currently on sale)

Captain America Watch (Men's sizing)
Stainless Steel Water Resistance
9 1/4" long
1 yr. limited Warranty

And there ya go.  A sampling of what you can find over at www.disneystore.com.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Toys for Big Girls and Boys

Hey kids, look!  It's another fun Crowdfunding opportunity.  This time you get cool toys if you donate enough!


There are many new artists out there creating or having created lines of toys that they come up with based on various pop culture refrences.  This one is from the Suck Lord.  You might want to google the Suck Lord (be careful with that) and DKE Toys and the vinyl figure and toy art movements to really begin to understand.  This Kickstarter is a great way to begin your collection though.  If you decide you want to invest in toy art.  Right now there is even a Luke Chueh figure that has been added.

Buy art.  It's good for you.  Crowdfund art.  You'll live longer.

You only have 6 days left to decide.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Crowdfunding Projects

Heya there blog readers!  I have a couple of crowdfunding things to throw your way this Monday.  I know, I know, I have no money either, but I can spare a dollar.  I have a dollar.  So, here are the two projects I'm hoping you will help with.

The first is called Advantageous.  It started off as a short film, but the director/co-writer Jennifer Phang, wants to flesh it out into a full fledged feature film.  It's about women, choices, education and the future.  Deep stuff placed in a sci-fi setting.

Jacqueline Kim stars.  She's been in Star Trek:Generations, Xena Warrior Princess as Lao Ma, and Red Doors.  She also co-wrote and is a producer.  She's a great actress and I would love to see this get completed.  They have 4 days left to fund this as of today.

Go check it out, and if it looks like something you want to be a part of, please throw at least a dollar their way.

The next one is for fun.  How many of you saw Iron Sky?  This is the sequel.  They are shy like $250.00.

They will probably make it, but I wanted to put it out there at least.  The first film was awesome and so much fun!  Pulp Cult Classic.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

New Who

I can't even begin to tell you how heartbroken I am that Matt Smith is leaving.  I haven't loved a Doctor this much since Tom Baker and i can honestly say I love Matt more.  Luckily, I have a way to create episodes and journeys never taken on screen with the awesome Underground Toys collection of Doctor Who toys!

The new Timezones created for use with the 3 3/4 inch figures will really add realism to your playtime.  Not to mention be awesome backdrops for your action figure shots for Flickr.  The one above feature 2075 AD and 1983.  There are promises of more to come depending on sales.  

They all click together making it possible to extend the sets to unimaginable lengths and sizes.

You should start seeing these in August at you local comic shops and wherever else you find your Who merchandise.  If you want to make sure you get your hands on them both, pre-order now from Entertainment Earth or Amazon for somewhere between $40 to $50 bucks before shipping/tax, etc.

Another set of new Who merch you are gonna wanna snag is the companion box set.  Rose Tyler (2.0), Martha Jones (She saved the world), Donna Noble (has been saved), Sarah Jane (with K-9!) and Astrid (She had a hit in the 80's with a re-make of The Locomotion).  

I really wish they would have gone for a hair down version of Martha.  Oh well.  Her sculpt is aweful as well.  Why is it that Martha never gets any of the Who love?  I love Martha Jones.  

Anywho,  Entertainment Earth has 'em for pre-order at $62.99.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

NECA 7-inch Aliens Figures

These sculpts are the best I've seen so far if you want some great sculpts of Bill Paxton as a Marine in Alien. Hicks isn't quite right, but close.  30 points of articulation means they aren't stuck in the poses you see in the picture, but can be posed for great shots for you Action Figure shots on Flickr!  The Brown Warrior Alien is actually 9 inches tall, so it's in scale somewhat with the figures. 

You can buy a case over at Entertainment Earth that has Hicks, Hudson and the Brown Alien all
for $54.99.

Ohhh...Hot Topic....what are you thinking?

Tonto's Bracelet - $12.25 now at Hot Topic.  Looks like they are already discounting.  

And wow, look at this Cherohonkee key chain.

I wonder if they are going to sell Spirit Warrior face paint as well.

Oh, Disney.  What are you doing?

Monday, July 01, 2013

Get Them BEFORE the Recall.

I don't usually suggest grabbing action figures that are offensive, simply because they ARE offensive, but *IF* you are one of those types of collectors, I suggest you head on over and grab the Lone Ranger figures right now.  This film looks like such a colossal middle finger to Native Americans, that I suspect it will flop (due to more attention to Tonto than the main character) or end up in the middle of a justified outrage and the "toys" will be yanked.  Just a guess though.

Disney decided to cast a Non-Native American as Tonto, despite there being a huge surplus of amazing Native actors.  Sure, sure, you've heard he was adopted by the tribe...well, guess what, 5 people a tribe does not make.  The actual tribe peoples are NOT happy.

He looks like a frakkin' clown.  And have you heard him in the trailer?
Sweet jebus.

Anyway, if you want these, head on over to Entertainment Earth and pick them up for $31.99.

20 points of articulation and 7 inches high.