Friday, November 22, 2013

Elvira 14 Inch Sculpture

Tweeterhead offers this limited edition Elvira statue up for $299.99 + S&H to be delivered before the year is out!  The Dagger and ring on the statue are made with Swarovski Crystal.  This statue is limited to 350 pieces worldwide and comes with the artist, Trevor Grove's signature.  Pick yours up today!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Star Wars Black Sale!

Head over to Brian's Toys right now to get in on his Thanksgiving Sale which included Star Wars Black figures for as low as $5.99!!!

Quinlan Vos for $2.99!!!

Sideshow 12" Ceremonial Luke for $49.99!!

As well as great deals on Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, Marvel Legends and more!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thundercats POP vinyl figures

Lookie, lookie who POP! decided to make into fun vinyl figures.  

That's right, Thundercats.

They are all about 3 3/4 inches tall and cost $9.99 each.

You can pick them up at Entertainment Earth or Amazon or Ebay or your local comic shop can order them for you or you can find them at specialty shops like Hasting, Hot Topic, etc.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Real Masterpiece Michael Jordon Figure

If you're a Basketball fan or you know someone who is and loves Michael Jordon, i promise you this will be a must have for them.  If you were to snatch one before the holidays for them, I'm betting you'd get some serious brownie points.  The figure is a fantastic sculpt of Mr. Jordan in his signature Red jersey.

Of course if they are a HUGE Jordan fan, you might want to pick the highly limited edition one instead.  It's a white jersey and just as amazing of a sculpt.

It's limited to just 3,000 pieces and can be found on Ebay, Amazon and The Big Bad Toy Store.

The figure comes with a Basketball with a magnet inside so it sticks to his hands in any position you decide to pose him.  There are 30 points of articulation to make certain you get just the right pose.

This is 1:6 scale to Mr. Jordan's actual height, so the figure is in reality a little bigger than 12".

Lots of interchangeable parts including 5 different sets of hands.

Here's a video of the Red jersey version:

Small Joes Sale on Dragon Models 1:6

Hey everyone!  If you really love recreating WWII scenarios, has a great sale on the Dragon brand 12 inch or 1:6 scale highly detailed figures they have in stock.  Anti-tank gunners, Calvary men with horses, Panzergrenadier, Soviet Sub-machine gunners, and a whole lot more.  Go check out for more!

Black Night German Tank Commander

Monday, September 30, 2013

Crunchy Roll

I might be really late to this party, but I'm not sure.  Crunchyroll is AWESOME.

I've always loved Anime.  When I was just 3 years old I was watching Robotech, Voltron, Starblazers and my favorite, Gatchaman on a Dallas, Texas station called KXTX.  It was way before the internet or even cordless telephones, much less cell phones.  There was no pay cable.  HBO had yet to be a thing.  No one paid for television.  I was lucky to have such awesome anime on a local TV station.  There were only a few places in the entire country that showed anime at all. KXTX had it all.  Anime, Kung Fu movies, Godzilla flicks and Universal Monsters.

Gatchaman was a huge influence on me.  It made me want to draw.  It was so full of color and drawn better than anything on at the same time on any other station.  The bird costumes just made my imagination fire in all sorts of ways.  The storylines got more and more serious as it went on.  Things incredibly complex for a kid.  I remember not getting some things, but eventually getting things through context.  Characters died.  That was an extreme departure from American animation and caused me many let downs with American Animation in the future.  I can honestly say I have never seen an American animated film or series that has come anywhere near the depth of Japanese animation. It still has the ability to blow me away and just make me think about so many things while inspiring artistic visions.

There is an online service that streams Japanes anime right after it airs in Japan.  It also has quite a vault of shows from the near past and even some from the 70's, like Galaxy Express 999 or the 80's Fist of the Northstar.

They have a new Gatchaman series streaming now.  Gatchaman CROWDS.  It is awesome.  It pays homage to the old series, but is nothing like it.  Berg Kaste is in it.

70's Berg Kaste

New Berg Kaste

That character hasn't changed much other than you know right up front that he's not exactly a he or she, but something inbetween.
Galactor has been updated to be called GALAX and is a program run on all hand-held online devices.
8 episodes in, I'm still waiting to see if the sweet voice of GALAX will turn more sinister.
The character running the GALAX program wants to update the world.  Get rid of the idea of relying on everyone else and to rely on ourselves together as a collective.  GALAX updates people when there are accidents, etc. and asks if anyone in the area can help or has the expertise necessary to save someone from certain issues or problems.  The users get points and the World is updated to the status of the situation.  It's a pretty fantastic premise.

The characters are very different from original Gatchaman except for Jou Hibiki who is obviously a nod to Joe.  

So, yeah, needless to say I love crunchyroll.  $6.95 a month and more Anime than anyone could possibly get through with new updates daily.  If you love anime, seriously, go sign up.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Muppets in the Smithsonian

The Muppets, some of them anyway, are invading the Smithsonian.  There will be some of Jim Henson's earliest Muppets and some of those that are recognized around the world in the Smithsonian's new Puppetry exhibit.

The Smithsonian was so excited about the aquisition, that they allowed everyone's favorite Diva, Miss Piggy, wear the Hope Diamond.

There isn't a set date yet for when the exhibit will open.

The Smithsonian has had Kermit the Frog for several years, so it's nice to know the Frog and Pig will now be together in a place where the whole world can see them and smile.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Jem and the Holograms fan, head HERE now!

ONE WEEK ONLY: Jem and The Holograms dolls and tees available at!

Artist Showcase - Tobias Kwan

Haunting and beautiful painting by the artist Tobias Kwan.  He has a blogspot blog over here:  Go check it out.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Simon Stalenhag Art

Hey kids!  Happy Monday.  New art.  Newly discovered Artist.  Simon Stalenhag. He's based in Stockholm, Sweden and creates art with a 70's feel mixed with a futuristic vibe.  It's cool stuff.  I'm not a big realism fan, but add robots and dinosaurs and you've got my attention and most likely my love.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coloring Xena

As I have repeatedly told you, my loyal and fun-loving blog readers, I am working on a Xena Graphic Novel based on the Script that Turayis wrote.  It's a movie length script.  I'm still trying to sort out main details and make final decisions on some things.  One is how to do the coloring.  I pulled up an image originally created by Deviantart artist ShadowKira and made some serious changes to the face and decided to give photoshop a shot.  I wanted to see how fast I could do it.  I'm not sure one way is faster than another at this point.  Here's what I have so far.

This is only like maybe an hour of work.  So, not too bad for a start.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fortune Telling Bacon and other flavorful things

Remember those little Fortune Telling fish?  I might be dating myself here.  Or just proving how weird my childhood was with a Dad that dragged me to every Magic Shop and trick store in the Midwest because he wanted to be the next World renown Magician.  ThinkGeek has a new spin on those little Fortune Telling Fish.  It's Fortune Telling Bacon.  LMAO.  Yes, Bacon.  Now you can let Bacon, a little thin piece of transparency-like film printed like Bacon, guide your life.  Sounds more dependable than a magic sky king.

In other news, Dynamite Comics is relaunching Red Sonja.  I'm not sure when their current Red Sonja stopped.  I read it religiously up until last year.  So it must have been some time last year that they ceased or this year.  I feel so behind in the comic world.  I haven't been able to buy anything for over a year and with the demise of my preferred comic retailer, I haven't really wanted to go into the other shop.  They aren't the friendliest males to comic chicks.  Anyway, it looks like an interesting relaunch.  They have hired a woman, Gail Simone, to pen the new Red Sonja.  I am slightly interested in this.  I believe (I'll have to double-check) Ms. Simone was the woman responsible for writing the Wonder Woman's with some real direction and excitement to them.  The one's that DC just abandoned for 52's launch.  The one's that for the first time began putting Wonder Woman where she needed to be.  Apparently DC fired her.  Not suprising with all the rumors and whispers of how DC is run by a bunch of men always comparing the sizes of their peckers.  I'm honestly surprised Batwamn has made it this far.  Of course, those types always like women like Batwoman. Wonder Woman doesn't fit into a nice little box.  (Pun sort of intended. *snicker*) She has her own culture and beliefs and is very fierce about them.  This isn't about Wonder Woman though, this is about Sonja.  I think I'm going to like Ms. Simone's take.  I'll let you know.  I'm going to go pick up the first 2 new issues sometime this week.  Or get them online here:

I'm not impressed with the artist they hired to draw the new Sonja.  Walter Geovani.  His art seems a little straightforward and frankly, a little boring.  Maybe he will get more dynamic while working on Red Sonja.  Although, he's already done some work on her before.  Again, not impressed.

Pretty craptastic.

But hey, who am I?  I've been working on the dang Xena Graphic novel for over a year.  
Maybe I should finigh it and apply to Dynamite.

Oh, and if I haven't mentioned it yet, I have put up or built or whatever you want to call it a FaceBook page version of this blog.

I put stuff up over there a little more frequently, but without as much wordy commenting and context.

Feel free to go "like" it.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Xena Movie News

I won't lie, the little bits and pieces coming together as well as this article in the Huffington Post and a dozen other news places have me more than a little excited about Xena again.  I've been working on the Graphic Novel of T's script for almost a year.  Turns out Graphic Novels are hard.  There are storyboards and panels and script editing and figuring how much dialog to put in the panels and how to capture the right intensity and not have a boring page of panels and a bazillion other things.  Oh, and backgrounds.  I hate backgrounds.  I have learned that I hate desert backgrounds the most.  I mean, OMG...endless stretches of sand and Egyptian buildings are soooooo incredibly boring to draw.

Now, it seems, I am in a race.  A race to get the Graphic Novel done BEFORE they shoot a comeback movie and relaunch the series.  ACK!  Actually, that's excellent news for me.  I thrive on competition.  Earlier this year Lucy Lawless, Xena herself, tweeted that she had an interesting call about reviving Xena.  Then Auspix, THE source for Xena stuff straight from the horses mouth, put up a Xena Movie Page.  The gals and guys over at the Xena Movie Campaign have been working tirelessly since 2011 to get people active and excited about reviving Xena and it seems to really be paying off.  I wrote an article about them and the desire for a comeback in Lesbiliscious back in 2012.  They have changed administrators a couple times since then, but the page and the fans are still really putting in a massive effort to get Universal and anyone else to realize that the franchise is being wasted.  

If Warner Brothers/DC can't get off their asses and stop being so incredibly frightened of Wonder Woman and her Amazon origins, then maybe some other Studio (pssst...Universal, that's you) should step up and show them how it's done with the Warrior Princess.

As for me...I better get to drawing.

Battle on Xenites!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Disney Collectibles

Disney has some really sweet sculptures by Jim Shore.  Disney also owns some properties you might forget they own sometimes.  Like the Muppets, Marvel and...oh yeah, Star Wars.  Weird.  Anyway, here are some of the sweet collectibles I've come across over at the Disney site.

Kermit and Miss Piggy book ends by Jim Shore.
Stone Resin.  Slip-free foot pads.
Kermit 6 1/2" high x 5 3/4" wide 4 3/4" depth
Miss Piggy 7" high x 5 3/4" wide 4 3/4" depth

The Mary Poppins Snow Globe
6" H with 5" Diameter
Plays Chim-chim-cher-ee

Deluxe Tonto Figure
12" Figure
Poseable.  Removable Headdress.

Lone Ranger Figure
12" high
Removable hat. Accesories.

Beauty and the Beast Throw
98% Cotton, 1% lurex, 1% nylon
64" H x 55" W not including the fringe

Be Our Guest Goblet
7 1/4" H x 4" Diameter.  Holds 12 oz.
Ceramic painted to look like Stone.

Maleficent Doll
12" High

Randall Plush
Polyester 11" high
$8.00 (currently on sale)

Captain America Watch (Men's sizing)
Stainless Steel Water Resistance
9 1/4" long
1 yr. limited Warranty

And there ya go.  A sampling of what you can find over at

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Toys for Big Girls and Boys

Hey kids, look!  It's another fun Crowdfunding opportunity.  This time you get cool toys if you donate enough!

There are many new artists out there creating or having created lines of toys that they come up with based on various pop culture refrences.  This one is from the Suck Lord.  You might want to google the Suck Lord (be careful with that) and DKE Toys and the vinyl figure and toy art movements to really begin to understand.  This Kickstarter is a great way to begin your collection though.  If you decide you want to invest in toy art.  Right now there is even a Luke Chueh figure that has been added.

Buy art.  It's good for you.  Crowdfund art.  You'll live longer.

You only have 6 days left to decide.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Crowdfunding Projects

Heya there blog readers!  I have a couple of crowdfunding things to throw your way this Monday.  I know, I know, I have no money either, but I can spare a dollar.  I have a dollar.  So, here are the two projects I'm hoping you will help with.

The first is called Advantageous.  It started off as a short film, but the director/co-writer Jennifer Phang, wants to flesh it out into a full fledged feature film.  It's about women, choices, education and the future.  Deep stuff placed in a sci-fi setting.

Jacqueline Kim stars.  She's been in Star Trek:Generations, Xena Warrior Princess as Lao Ma, and Red Doors.  She also co-wrote and is a producer.  She's a great actress and I would love to see this get completed.  They have 4 days left to fund this as of today.

Go check it out, and if it looks like something you want to be a part of, please throw at least a dollar their way.

The next one is for fun.  How many of you saw Iron Sky?  This is the sequel.  They are shy like $250.00.

They will probably make it, but I wanted to put it out there at least.  The first film was awesome and so much fun!  Pulp Cult Classic.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

New Who

I can't even begin to tell you how heartbroken I am that Matt Smith is leaving.  I haven't loved a Doctor this much since Tom Baker and i can honestly say I love Matt more.  Luckily, I have a way to create episodes and journeys never taken on screen with the awesome Underground Toys collection of Doctor Who toys!

The new Timezones created for use with the 3 3/4 inch figures will really add realism to your playtime.  Not to mention be awesome backdrops for your action figure shots for Flickr.  The one above feature 2075 AD and 1983.  There are promises of more to come depending on sales.  

They all click together making it possible to extend the sets to unimaginable lengths and sizes.

You should start seeing these in August at you local comic shops and wherever else you find your Who merchandise.  If you want to make sure you get your hands on them both, pre-order now from Entertainment Earth or Amazon for somewhere between $40 to $50 bucks before shipping/tax, etc.

Another set of new Who merch you are gonna wanna snag is the companion box set.  Rose Tyler (2.0), Martha Jones (She saved the world), Donna Noble (has been saved), Sarah Jane (with K-9!) and Astrid (She had a hit in the 80's with a re-make of The Locomotion).  

I really wish they would have gone for a hair down version of Martha.  Oh well.  Her sculpt is aweful as well.  Why is it that Martha never gets any of the Who love?  I love Martha Jones.  

Anywho,  Entertainment Earth has 'em for pre-order at $62.99.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

NECA 7-inch Aliens Figures

These sculpts are the best I've seen so far if you want some great sculpts of Bill Paxton as a Marine in Alien. Hicks isn't quite right, but close.  30 points of articulation means they aren't stuck in the poses you see in the picture, but can be posed for great shots for you Action Figure shots on Flickr!  The Brown Warrior Alien is actually 9 inches tall, so it's in scale somewhat with the figures. 

You can buy a case over at Entertainment Earth that has Hicks, Hudson and the Brown Alien all
for $54.99.

Ohhh...Hot Topic....what are you thinking?

Tonto's Bracelet - $12.25 now at Hot Topic.  Looks like they are already discounting.  

And wow, look at this Cherohonkee key chain.

I wonder if they are going to sell Spirit Warrior face paint as well.

Oh, Disney.  What are you doing?

Monday, July 01, 2013

Get Them BEFORE the Recall.

I don't usually suggest grabbing action figures that are offensive, simply because they ARE offensive, but *IF* you are one of those types of collectors, I suggest you head on over and grab the Lone Ranger figures right now.  This film looks like such a colossal middle finger to Native Americans, that I suspect it will flop (due to more attention to Tonto than the main character) or end up in the middle of a justified outrage and the "toys" will be yanked.  Just a guess though.

Disney decided to cast a Non-Native American as Tonto, despite there being a huge surplus of amazing Native actors.  Sure, sure, you've heard he was adopted by the tribe...well, guess what, 5 people a tribe does not make.  The actual tribe peoples are NOT happy.

He looks like a frakkin' clown.  And have you heard him in the trailer?
Sweet jebus.

Anyway, if you want these, head on over to Entertainment Earth and pick them up for $31.99.

20 points of articulation and 7 inches high.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why I LOVED Man of Steel

I've heard praise and I've heard rants.  Angry rants.  People screaming about how this isn't Superman.  These people, apparently, didn't know Superman.  At least not current 2013 Superman.  I wonder when they last picked up a comic with big blue?  But this isn't about them or comic Superman.   This is about why I loved the film, Man of Steel.

**********************SPOILERS SWEETIE********************


**********************Okay, you've been warned******************

The movie starts with a conflict.  Hooray, it's not boring!  Oh, look Krypton.  Wow.  Krypton on film was beautiful.  The costumes were excellent.  I didn't find them the least bit hokey.  The politics are relevant to our time.  Drilling to the core of Krypton for fuel has ultimately lead to the planet becoming unstable.

(STOP FRACKING oil and gas companies!  Sheesh.)

It's too late to save the planet.

 Babies have become manufactured because Kryptonians have found natural birth icky and disgusting.   For dying in a ball of fire, Krypton is a surprisingly cold and distant place to live.  The entire intro is a social commentary on how we are distancing ourselves from nature.  How we are relying more and more on technology and rejecting who and what we are.  People are catagorized and have no choices on who or what they will be.  I found the way that was brought across very pleasing.

They give up Clark, who was born naturally, the first in something like 50 to a hundred years (I forget), so that he can go be a better person.  He can be someone and something he could never be on Krypton.  He can be himself.  Who he was supposed to be.  Who he truly is.  And in doing so, he can help others see that being who you are and being the best at being who you are is what it is about.  Not letting society or culture dictate who you are supposed to be.  I think many viewers didn't get this from the film.  I did.

Not only that, but when we see young Clark have what Aspergers and Autistic Spectrum kids would call a meltdown, the way his Mother reacts is so important.  She's not embarrassed, or scolding or angry.  She is compassionate and understanding.  Clark hears everything the other kids are whispering.  He hears how weird they think he is.  He hears how they reject him.  He hears what those children  have been taught by their parents.  What they have overhead other parents saying.  This is so incredibly important.  That scene brought me to tears because of how I identified with it.

Later we deal with coming out.  Clark wants to.  He doesn't understand his Father's fear.  It was amazing to see Clark's coming out paralelled to a gay person coming out.  His Father not only feared for what might happen to him, but the reiteration of the idea that society wasn't ready yet.   That accepting Clark would somehow destroy the fabric of the existing society.  Religions would fade away and there would be a revolution of some sort.  His Father would rather die than allow his son to come out.  It made me sad.  His Father's fear controlled him and ultimately lead to his demise.  Did he love Clark?  Yes, but certainly not unconditionally.  He was willing for others to be hurt, maimed or killed to not disrupt his own comfort zone.  In the end, he missed out on being part of an amazing man's life.

We see Clark drift looking for a home.  A place to belong.  He steals, he drinks, he does things that someone who is taught to hide their true nature does, but he really isn't any different.  He only thinks he is.

We meet the girl.  Lois Lane.  Let me tell you, I LOVE Amy Adams and was overjoyed to see her as Lois Lane.  She did not disappoint.  Perfect.  This girl is not a passive character.  Lois Lane is as much of a hero as Superman.  She works as part of a team with him to do what needs to be done.  Feminism at it's best.  Strong and without a neon sign to point out a girl did something amazing.

Lois was acceptance from outside.  She was unconditional love from a stranger.  She had a chance to tell the world, but when she saw that it would bring him great pain and misery, she went with compassion over selfishness and greed.  There is a beautiful moment between them on the air field waiting for Zod.  They hold hands and exchange words.  Words that made me feel exactly as I did when I found my soulmate.  It was perfection.

Then there is the battle.  The battle sequences where there to entertain.  Too much shakey cam.  Cool stuff right out of the comics though.  So much destruction.  They were a little long, but not too long that I lost interest.

Then we have the final moment between Clark and Zod.  I loved it.  It's an impossible situation.  If you truly love people though, what do you do?  Do you stand by and let them die?  What is the right choice?  There isn't one.  Because things aren't black and white.  They never have been.  They never will be.  Krypton tried.  They failed.  There is nothing and no one in this Universe that is perfect.  The closest you can get is to be compassionate and to side with those who show compassion.

I loved this movie so much, that I am going to the theater to see it again.  Another amazing piece of Directing from Mr. Zack Snyder.  Great Job, sir!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sailor Mercury...mercury...mercury

Lookie!  SH Figuarts has added Sailor Mercury to their line!  5 1/2 inches tall and highly articulated.

She also has awesome accessories, like the laptop and cool shades for computing!  
$42.99 at Entertainment Earth or search for her on Amazon and Ebay!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sailor Moon returns!!!

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon, SH Figurarts is releasing a super articulated version of Sailor Moon!  See the awesome Japanese promo for it below!

OMG!  Must have!  Entertainment Earth has them up for pre-order now!  Click here: Sailor Moon


7 miles

No doubt you have heard about the Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  The BBC was even out there.  It was surreal hearing them report from a place I have frequented over and over again saying words I recognize with their British accents.

It started right around afternoon rush here.  The same time as last year when I drove into the little twister that hit my city.  The one I ended up in trying to get to shelter.  So I was a little panicked.  I felt like we weren't moving fast enough.  We had our tornado bags packed from the day before, but wrangling the dogs was taking too long and I was worried about traffic slowing us down.  Then, the sirens went off.  I was trying not to get frantic.  Ever since I was in that one last year, I get a little more frightened than I used to.  I miscalculated and made a mistake and it could've been really bad.

So there T & I are, wrangling dogs, scrambling as the Weather people on the TV are screaming that it's coming down and it looks like North Norman and south Moore are in the path.

We are North Norman.  I kept repeatedly saying, "Not fast enough.  We're not fast enough!"

We're in the car and off we go.  I'm a little shaky.  Leela, our oldest dog, has her head out the window and is intently staring at the direction of the storm and sniffing the air.  She knows.  She was with me when I ended up in that tornado last year.

Police car after police car speed by us in the direction of the tornado.  We found out later, that they were trying to block the highways so that no one would unknowingly drive into it.

We get to our safe place and get underground.  

We set up our "base station" with laptops up, running seperate windows with the NWS Radar, KFOR livestreaming, KWTV Livestreaming, and that social media site that everyone uses.

We watched, every muscled tightened, as the tornado hit Newcastle and continued Northeast.  Unbelievably, it looked like it was going to hit Moore again.

Moore was hit in 1999 with the biggest tornado in then recorded history.  It was hit again in 2003.  This was unprecedented.  I was in Chickasha in 1999 when Moore was hit and watched it go by from a hilltop 30 miles away.  This tornado looked even worse.  Not only that, but the time of day it was hitting...I could barely let my mind finish the thought.  The Weather people were warning to get underground.

What I watched was horrific.  Tears started streaming down my face.  There were schools in the way.  They were seeking cover in halls.  HALLS!?  OMG.  My heart sank.  It was hitting the part of Moore T & I knew best.  Our theater, our Eye Doctor, stores we frequented, and streets we knew as well as the streets around our house only 7 miles away.

7 miles away.

It really hit me hard.  It was so close.  People we knew where there.  They lived there, taught there and worked there.  Was it possible that any of them survived?  And the schools...

When the picture above came up, I honestly thought I was going to throw up.  It was one of the schools.  

T & I and the puppies sat for a long time watching in the basement.  Feeling numb.  A little shocked, which is pretty uncommon for a girl that has grown up in tornado alley.  You always know it can happen.  You always prepare and get to where you need to.  This was different.  This was incredible.  The tornado hit the same spot.  Almost exactly.  The worst tornado in our history hit the very spot where the worst tornado until Joplin hit in 1999.  I just couldn't believe it.  Yet, there it was.

It was also different because in 1999, I didn't go to Moore.  I didn't have any friends there.  I didn't have a favorite place to go eat popcorn and watch movies.  I didn't know the ushers there on a first name basis.  I didn't have an Eye Doctor named Lisa Mayes who was awesome or a friend that worked in a school in Moore.  I didn't know the University Teachers that lived there.  I didn't go hang out on Tuesdays with my best buds and eat wings in that very spot.

I did in 2013.  

This was my theater now.  T & I always refered to it as the Xanadu. 
It ended up living up to the magical title.  Mr. Warren spent millions of dollars fortifying it just in case this happened.  He built it with tornadoes in mind.  He hired experts and didn't cut corners.  He saved lives.  It might have looked messed up, but people that sheltered there said they felt secure and safe.  They were a little shocked at what they saw when they walked out.

7 miles away, it didn't even rain a drop.

7 miles away, you wouldn't have know anything had happened to Moore, if it weren't for technology and communication devices we have today.

7 miles away, everything had changed.

The afternoon and evening were filled with both horrible and happy points of news.

Children had perished in those schools.

Yet amazingly, as far as we know, everyone we know made it.

Our friend that was the Teacher at the other school that was hit didn't get a message to his wife until 9:30 PM that night.  His phone wouldn't get through.  Even our phones and internet were unavailable, 7 miles away.

We were so relieved to hear he was alright.  He stayed with his students until every single one had been picked up by their eager and joyful parents.  EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Those teachers in Moore...let me tell you something, there are people that get the label of hero for reasons that I don't agree with, but not these people.  These Moore teachers and faculty and staff are what every human being should strive to be.  

They are underpaid, work in underfunded facilities, are constant targets of the state governments "budget" and "tax" cuts, and they still, STILL, stayed with their students and huddled them underneath their bodies and sheilded them and protected them when they had no idea if they would make it out alive.  While they were being hit with debris as walls came down and winds ripped the buildings around them away, they held fast and told their children that everything would be okay.  

That, my friend, is a HERO.

Not only that, but it is an incredible human being.

I am so proud that those incredible human beings live only 7 miles away.

Other incredible human beings are at work, right now, clearing the debris, searching and researching, and spending exhausting countless hours piecing it all back together.

The next time someone whines about the morality of society crumbling, or the end of the world being near, you tell them they are full of crap.  You know that isn't true.  Why, because you know someone that knows incredible human beings, you know incredible human beings, who put politics and religion and all that BS away and show us what compassionate caring human beings we really are.

They exist.  For real.  And are being incredible right now.  Just 7 miles away.