Tuesday, November 06, 2012

11th Doctor's cool coat!

Matt Smith has got to be my favorite Doctor ever!  Well, next to Tom Baker.  No one will ever surpass Tom.  Still, if anyone could, it would be Matt.  He's single-handedly brought back the bow-tie and made it cool. (Not really.  you will never convince me that bow-ties are cool.)  If you want a prop replica from Doctor Who that makes you look snazzy and  does more than collect dust on a shelf, I have just the thing for you.  head over to Think Geek and check this out!

It's the 11th Doctor's double breasted, six-pocketed, 100% mole-skin fabric greenish officially licensed Pea-coat.  The price: $329.99.  Hey now, this is a for real jacket.  Lined and everything.  Go google pea coat.  They aren't cheap.  And this is the Doctor's pea coat.  Okay, I know...it is a little over-priced.  Still, it's cool!

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