Thursday, June 07, 2012

11th Doctor & Amy Pond in 1:6 scale!

Not only is this Big Chief Studios 12" Doctor Who doll/figure an awesome size, but look at the sculpt!  It's fantastic!  To top that, it has so many awesome accessories!  Accessories include:

6 different hands that can be interchanged

A TARDIS floor base with stand  

A sonic screwdriver open & one closed

A wallet with Psychic paper

A Nano Recorder Gun

A Lash-up Device

A Time Lord Consciousness Cube

 An Invitation with blue envelope

A TARDIS door fragment

A Red Handkerchief

A Wristwatch

He also has his signature tweed jacket & bowtie.  Under his jacket?  Suspenders!  

He is available for pre-order right now from Entertainment Earth or the Big Bad Toy Store.
$199.99.  Ouch.
You can also pick up Amy as a companion!

She is also $199.99 & has tons of cool accessories!  Both figures are highly poseable.  Let's hope they make a TARDIS these figures can fit in!  

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