Monday, April 16, 2012


Hello & Happy Monday kids!  I've got an assortment of Alien type collectibles for you today!  Not just Alien aliens either.  First up, a saucer man.  These aliens are both freaky scary & laughable at the same time.  At first, you're all like Ha, ha...then, the more you look at them, you get creeped out.  Or is that just me?  Well, if you enjoy staring at the Saucer Men, you're in luck!  Executive Replicas has created a Saucer Men bust just for you!  3:5 scale or 16 inches tall and extremely limited at only 200 pieces which are hand numbered.  Where can you find this fabulously creepy collectible?  Well, Entertainment Earth has a few for pre-order right now for   $249.99.  

Next up, we have an alien that everyone loves.  Some love him so much, especially this version, that they refuse to accept that he regenerated.  It's a 10th Doctor Vinyl Maquette Statue from Dynamix. This Doctor figure is a cartoonish interpretation of the 10th Doctor as portrayed by David Tennet standing at 9 inches & limited to 3,000 pieces.  If you are one of the Tennet lovers, grab this one & that way you really can hold on to him forever.  I'll wait for the Matt Smith version myself.  You can pre-order from Entertainment Earth or pay import prices & get it here at Big Chief.

Lastly, a plushy little Alien.  So cute & cuddly it's hard to resist.  That's right, it's a plush chest burster from the Alien movie.  Available for $19.99 & in stock now at Entertainment Earth.

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