Saturday, January 28, 2012

Xena Con Day 2 - Friday

Wow. What an amazing first day! We slept in until around 10:30am because we opted not to pay $120.00 to do Yoga with Hudson Leick. It was nice. We needed it. We stumbled over to the Starbuck's, grabbed some coffee & relaxed a bit before rejoining the swing of the Con.

Steven L. Sears talked first. He was a writer for the series. One of the main writers. T got up & asked a question. I filmed part of it. I was proud.

Then Adrienne Wilkinson, the woman who portrayed Xena's daughter, Eve/Livia, was up next. She was very fun.

David Franklin was up next. He was everyone's favorite Brutus in the Rome episodes of Xena. The man is like a combination of David Tennet and Hugh Jackman. Hey, BBC, I think I found your next Doctor. This guy would be awesome!

Rob Field followed David. He was an editor on Xena. He was very Hollywood. It was pretty cool seeing such a stereotypical Hollywood type.

All of this lasted for hours. Finally, at 4pm, Ted Raimi is introduced. Ted played Joxer the Mighty & is Sam Raimi's brother. It was cool seeing Ted. He was funny & pretty much what I expected from a Raimi. Those guys are awesome, sarcastic & funny as hell!

After Ted came the Con legend Hudson Leick. Hudson scares me. She always has. She has this presence about her. It's like she could suck out your soul before you knew what was happening. LOL. Turns out though, that she's really pretty cool. Although I still think she might suck out my soul. After her talk was her photo op.

I was pretty terrified to stand next to her. Seriously, she scares me. So, we get up there, and she looks at T & says, "Hi!" in a high pitched friendly voice. Then she looks at me & says in a lower sulty voice, "Why Hello." Panic. She.Is.Going.To.Eat.Me.
I bravely returned her greeting with my own low confident, "Hello." & she raised her eyebrows & replied to my hello with an even sexier "Hello."

Um,...gulp. Hawt & Scary.

After the picture was snapped it was dinner time & then off to get some of our many autographs. After autographs we attended the special cabaret with Michael Hurst & Jennifer Ward-Lealand. Fun, fun, fun! We were signed up for Karaoke afterwards, but man, we were exhausted. So we went back to the room & crashed.

We had a great first day & did manage to meet some cool people.

We came to grips with the fact that the X201MC people were snubbing us. Very strange after having been on their FB & talking for so long. I thought I had built some pretty cool friendships there, but man was I wrong. Apparently the X2011MC operates like a small junior high school. Of course, being the weird kid & having people treat me like I'm the weird kid is the story of my life. So, feel free to go UNLIKE that page.

Next up, Saturday & Renee!!!

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