Friday, January 27, 2012

Xena Con Day 1 - Thursday


That's the word for Thursday.

We got up around 5am to start the journey from Oktaha (My Brother's place) to the Tulsa airport. Our flight was on time & despite my mini panic attack & tears upon the first take off, I managed pretty well. There was quite a bit of turbulence on both the flight to Denver & the flight from Denver to Burbank. I sort of like turbulence though. For the first time ever, I did not throw up after the second fight. THAT was awesome.

Once in sunny Burbank, we walked out of the airport, took a deep breath & T started crying. (To be fair, I cried when the plane landed) Neither of us could believe we finally not only managed to get a vacation, but that we managed to afford one. It didn't even matter what we where doing, or that there was a con at all. We were free. Free from all that mundane routine crap. Just me & T.

We looked around & decided to walk rather than to take the complimentary shuttle bus to the hotel. That's how we roll. We wanted to feel every bit of California sunshine.

As we entered the Hotel, the noise grew loud, and there were obvious Xenites filling the lobby already. Many of them very large robust type Xenites. We checked in, smiled shyly & ran up to our room.

We weren't quite sure what to do. I'm completely lousy at being social & T hasn't done it in years. So we stayed up in our room for a little while. Finally, we decided to go down & explore. Find where & when everything was supposed to be. Once we returned to the lobby, we were overwhelmed by the fact that the Xenite number had doubled & people were screaming joyously & hugging & so excited. No one seemed to notice us. It felt like it would be interrupting to walk up & say hello. So we headed toward the convention part of the hotel.

Soon I saw members of the X2011MC. T tried to make conversation, but was brushed off rather quickly, or so it felt. I smiled with recognition at a couple of them that I have been FBing with for 6 months & they looked right through me. No hello, no nothing.


I had no idea what to do. So we sat in the lobby for a couple hours watching people come & go, hugging, screaming, being excited. Then Hudson Leick walked by. T was whispering to me, "Hudson, Hudson, Hudson! Hudson Leick!" I was all, "What? Oh, Callisto. Yep, that's Hudson. Damn. She looks hot."

So we explored a little more, went back up to our room, came back down, attempted a few more times to initiate conversation & went to get in line for Pre-Registration.

No one seemed interested at all in hanging out with us or including us. As we walked to pre-registration, I looked over & saw Bill Shatner sitting next to the pool with a cameraman & boom mike guy. Ha! Cool.

As we stood in line, Bill's TV crew came down the line & the girls behind us started doing the Xena war cry. The camera stopped & there we were. Us the the girls behind us on camera for Bill Shatner's show Fanatics. LOL. If we end up in the final edit, I'll be pretty stoked about that. 'Cause if anything fits me well, title of fanatic is pretty close. I mean, you guys know this.

We did manage to talk to the people in front & behind us & finally feel like we were no longer invisible. So that was good.

We Pre-registered, got our 8 x 10's t be autographed, a new coffee mug, and a couple of scripts & headed back to the room. We were so exhausted. For the first time in my life I was asleep before 11pm.

Now, it's Friday. We're at Starbucks. Free w-fi. The hotel charges $13.00 a day for internet that works. We've got about a half an hour before the festivities start. So glad we passed on the 8 am Yoga with Hudson. LOL.

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GeminiWriter said...

Luckily, you’ve got each other and a ton of stuff to keep you occupied. You’ll have a wonderful time and make so many awesome memories! Don’t forget to take lots of pics! Love ya!