Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And so it begins....

Friday, Saturday & Sunday of this week are going to be a little different here at the blog. I will be blogging from what is being called the FINAL Xena Convention. Of course, it won't be the final one, but it might be the final US Creation sponsored one.

Anyhoo, this space will be filled with all sorts of exclamations of joy and pictures as me & my Amazon Bard trek to Burbank to hook up with the tribe & stand in the presence of our idols. Plus, we get to have our pictures made with them!!!

O.M.G. I have been practicing my "Not Stupid Face" for a month.

We begin travel on Thursday. So far the tribe is undecided on when to meet up. Imagine that?! A bunch of Amazons having trouble deciding where to meet & when. LOL. The Australian & European Amazons are ready to party, as are some of the newbies, but this Warrior is feeling a little too old to go tear up LA the night before the big festival starts. LOL. However, the call to Starbuck's in the wee hours of the morning Friday is looking like a go & I am sure the party gals will need some coffee after their crazy night.

Friday will be the start of the festival with Joxer (Ted Raimi), Callisto (Hudson Leick), La Mao (Jacqueline Kim), Brunnhilda (Brittany Powell), and Xena's daughter herself, Eve (Adrienne Wilkinson. Saturday will be the arrival of the Amazon Queen & Battling Bard of Potedia, Gabrielle, Renee O'Connor & the evil of all evils Alti (Claire Stansfield). Eli (Tim Omundson) will also show up on Saturday, as well as Hercules' best bud Iolus (Michael Hurst). There are so many people showing up on Sat.! The costume contest, which I sadly will not be participating in due to lack of boobs to fill my borrowed breastplate, will also be Staurday.

Then...TheGreat Creation Celebrity Cocktail Party. For GOLD members ONLY. Which we are. I can't believe we are, but um, yeah, we totally went for it & we got golden tickets!!!

Then it's Sunday. Sunday. Sunday!!!!

Sunday is the day the Warrior Princess herself shows up. Callisto (Hudson Leick) runs the charity auction breakfast that morning.

Now, in between all the scheduled stuff & after the scheduled stuff & before the scheduled stuff, we are doing other stuff. We are going to Graumann's Chinese Theatre. We might even catch a show there. We could possibly be going to drunk Karaoke with other Xenites. We are hoping to get to play in the charity softball game which pits Xena's hometown Amphipolis against team Potedia, Gabrielle's hometown. There's pool time with some of the other Amazons & more. Oh, and T pitching her script. Look for the Xena film to be out sometime in late 2012, early 2013. ;)

We are so ready for this.

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ChromePlatedGirl said...

So excited for you guys! Please have way too much fun. Also, I could not be more happy and proud that you got the golden tickets.