Friday, September 30, 2011

Two Broke Girls

I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but every Fall I try to catch the new ones that seem to look interesting. This year there is a freakin' gem of a comedy. This show is HI-larious. It's on CBS Mondays @ 7:30pm Central & called "Two Broke Girls".

It stars Kat Denning & Beth Behrs. It takes place in New York in present time. Kat plays Max, a diner waitress & Beth plays Caroline, daughter of a billionaire in prison for running a Ponzi scheme. Caroline finds herself, for the first time in her life, without money, food, a place to live or anything else. She ends up getting hired at the diner, convincing Max to let her move in to her Apt., and coming up with a scheme to get rich...selling Max's delicious cupcakes & raising $250,000 to start their own cupcake business. Every week at the end of the show, their savings are tallied & we see how far they are to their goal.

Now, that might not sound interesting, but this show is so very well written & acted. There are so many funny lines. The actresses already have great chemistry & so far I have found absolutely nothing to dislike. And we're only 2 episodes in!

CBS also made a great decision to post full episodes online in case you missed any. Right now you can head over to the highlighted link below & catch up on the first two episodes: Two Broke Girls

Go do it! Laughter is good for the soul.

Xena 2012 Calendar

It's that time of year again! Time to find that calendar to decorate your space with. This year, guess who showed up in her own calendar again? That's right, the Warrior Princess herself, Xena. It looks like Universal is starting to put some Xena Merch out there, which bodes well for those of us interested in a movie. The calendar has all your favorite characters from the series, one per month for all 12 months of 2012. You can find it over at from $10 to $12 bucks.

Robby the Robot Model Kit

I don't know if I've mentioned this before or not, but I love model building. I love the scraping, sanding, filling, gluing, & painting. I love the tiny parts on models. I find them absolutely fascinating.

This model, by Round 2 , is something I really want to get my hands on. Robby the Robot is the most iconic robot there is.

Robby first showed up in the film "Forbidden Planet" and made numerous appearances afterwards in shows like "The Addams Family", "Lost in Space", "Columbo", "Wonder Woman", "Mork & Mindy", "Doctor Who", "Futurama" and more. He's been in movies, video games & commercials as well.

This model of Robby stands at 7 1/2 inches high & is labeled as a skill level 2 for ages 10+

He sells for $19.99 over at Entertainment Earth or around $14.00 on

Sideshow & DC Comics

At last! Sideshow has acquired the rights to make DC Universe comic hero figures, statues & more. Check out their official announcement video above.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Doctor Who Merchandise Alert!

These cute little wind-ups are only $9.99 ea. ThinkGeek has them now! You better hurry though. I bought two TARDIS' myself.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fear of Legitimacy

This post was inspired by one of my beautiful friends. Several of my friends are creatively blessed. Some take photos, some write, some paint, some make music, & some do all four or a combination of some.

Most of them hesitate to accept themselves as legitimate creators though. They refuse to call themselves Musicians, or Writers, or Artists, or Photographers. Why? I think it's because of three things.

One, they enjoy it & don't take it too seriously & haven't tried to make a career or money out of it.

Two, people fear that a "real" artist, musician, writer, or Photographer will call them out.

Three, society says you have to choose one thing & that's what you are. You can't be an IT tech & a writer. What you call yourself, if you do both, is determined by how much money you make at both. If you get a steady paycheck at the IT gig, and only make $20 off an article, then you are an IT Tech, but you're not a writer.

I call bullshit.

When you are IT'ing, you're an IT Tech, but man, when you are're a freakin' writer. Period. Even when you are IT'ing, you are STILL a writer. You write. That makes you a writer. Artists art, Painters paint, photographers take pictures, musicians make music, and writers write.

Be proud of those creative things you do. Don't sell yourself short. If I never sold anything in my life & worked my 8 hr. a day job for the rest of my life, would that make me less of an artist? Hell no! I might not ever be considered a Professional artist, but I'd still be an artist. We need more creatives in this world. So please, if you create be proud. Don't hide it. Don't deny it. Come on out into the sunshine.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Godzilla Shirt & Other Munsters

Show your love of the King Monster of all monsters! Find this awesome shirt Here.

$18.99 & 100% cotton!

Prefer a different kind of Munster? Like models? Check out this Polar Lights model of the Munsters relaxing in their family room!

Glow in the dark 1:16 scale for $24.99

Friday, September 23, 2011

Not Saints...and Certainly Not Angels

Charlies Angels, a reboot of the 70's show, premiered last night on ABC at 7pm central. Drew Barrymore produced so I had somewhat elevated expectations. They lost me in the first 5 minutes. Bad dialogue, horrible direction, cardboard characters & a lousy plot. Sure, the 70's show wasn't brainy, but it had something. Something besides pretty chics kicking butt. Honestly, these girls looked like they needed to taken to an all you can eat buffet & kept there for a couple days. Eat something for god's sake & keep it down! These girls are extremely cliquey & unlikable. The script was juvenile, the technology they were supposed to be using was laughable, and seriously...the girls were really unlikable, save the Eve character. Even Eve's character felt tied up & not allowed to really break through & make us care. I know, it's the first episode, but it's a bad sign when your very first episode is lame & had to be re-written once just to get it to the point it was. Which was still lame. I won't be returning for episode two.

Reworked Youtube Xena Fan Video

Okay, so I used Windows Movie Maker Live to make my first ever Youtube Fan Video of Xena & Gabrielle. The first time I forgot to turn the sound off of some of the clips. I went back in & turned the sound off except for a couple where I really liked the sound, deleted one clip & replaced it with one I liked better & shortened the end. I still haven't figured out the whole title thing at the beginning & credits at the end, but still, I'm having fun with it. I know they make all kinds of add-on effects & animations that I would love to eventually learn how to use, but for now, here is the edited & updated version of the first Video. Thanks for watching. Feel free to critique & comment here or on Youtube. Also, if you wouldn't mind, and you like it, give me a thumbs up on Youtube & a +1 google here on the blog. Thanks!

The Muppets!!!

The Muppets are returning! This makes me oh so happy! Squee-ably happy. I love the Muppets. Before I graduated High School it was a dream of mine to work for Jim Henson. Unfortunately he passed away just two years shy of my graduation. I probably should have moved to New York anyway or gone to puppeteer class somewhere despite this, but I was so sad & figured it wouldn't be the same. It hasn't been, but that doesn't mean that the love & joy & positive energy isn't still there. It's nice to see all my felt friends returning. This movie looks great. Great cast. Can't wait to see it! It opens this Thanksgiving. Make sure to go to Youtube & add MuppetsStudio to your Youtube channels!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Godzilla & Mechagodzilla by Bandai

These are a must have for any Godzilla collector. Priced at $69.99 for Godzilla & $79.99 for Mechagodzilla, these figures have 29 points of articulation & stand at 6 & 6.5 inches tall. They are produced by Bandai & distributed by Sideshow Collectibles.

Masters of the Universe Classics She-ra

The Masters of the Universe Classics line has been going for about 4 years now. These figures are remakes of the classic He-man characters but re-sculpted & improved. They recently released a She-ra that is absolutely awesome. Not only that, but they also released She-Ra’s alter ego Adora & have plans to release She-ra's horse Swiftwind.

These figures run $20.00 ea. on but they sell out FAST, so you might have to head over to Amazon or Ebay to snag one. That will cost you a little more.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spartacus...Alright, Alright...I Give

I have watched two or three episodes of Spartacus & I have to admit I'm interested in seeing more, but I've been avoiding investing myself into another TV show. Spartacus is so incredibly violent. Of course, it is Rome & gladiators & all the politics & awful things that happened during that time. It isn't about a hero going around fighting for the greater good. It's gritty & dark & terrible. I tend to like more happy fantastical worlds. However, with every new interview I watch with Lucy Lawless, the more I want to watch. She's a great actress. It would be a shame to go see her in Burbank & not have any sense of her work on Spartacus. I mean, she is my second favorite actress of all time. Also, the show is written & produced by much of the same team that worked on Xena. So, why have I been avoiding? Strangely enough, naked Lucy Lawless makes me really uncomfortable.

No, seriously. I'm not sure why. T & I have also discussed the rapey parts. We do not do well with rapey stuff. Again though, it is Rome. Romans were very rapey. So, we're going to give it a go. We are just going to make sure that if at any point either of us feels icky we can fast forward. The blood & guts are fine. Swords battles are bloody. I enjoy a good sword battle. Just like I enjoy my UFC fights. Any idiot can point & shoot a gun, but swords & fists take skill. I'll let you know what we think about it as we go along.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hunted: Demon's Forge Update

DO NOT BUY THIS if you are wanting a good two player game experience. If you are just wanting it for one player it's alright. Not great, but fun. The two player game play is horrible. The split screen is only available with top & bottom, not side to side. Messages pop up & cover the playable area even when you are being attacked, which makes it nearly impossible to defend yourself. It's like they didn't even try.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hunted: The Demons Forge PS3

I have rented a video game that looks promising. HUNTED. I haven't played it yet because I also rented the movies "Priest" & "Dylan Dog" & watched those first. "Priest" was great. I liked the mythology they built & the characters were really great. Karl Urban, Caesar from Xena, was in it. Good effects & a really wonderful score by Christopher Young. I hadn't heard of Mr. Young before so I looked him up. Seems I just hadn't noticed his scores before this one. He has a long list of credits including "Drag Me To Hell", "Ghost Rider", "The Grudge I & II" & more.

Dylan Dog however was meh. It was fun, but they really screwed up at the end. The protagonist does absolutely nothing but get his ass kicked & other random nameless characters defeat the antagonist. Lame. It had promise & like I said, it was fun, but in the end, unsatisfying. If you have a couple hours to waste, you might waste it with Dyaln just for the ride.

Now, as soon as I get into "Hunted" I will let you know how it was. I'm big on Hack 'n Slash two player games. T & I love to play these types of adventure games together & it's rare to come across one nowadays that lets us play at the same time. I just happened upon this little interview about the game today & low & behold, Lucy Lawless does one of the voices. Now, I'm even more excited to play!

Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cubes

Han Solo is here to cool off your beverage & make any party an event as cool as any Hutt's. ThinkGeek is temporarily Out of Stock, but you can find these on Amazon as well as over at Entertainment Earth. They vary in price from site from around $10 to $20.

Tiny Doctor Who Figures For You!

Underground Toys & Entertainment Earth offer you some sweet little Who's. There are two series of these little guys/gals/aliens. There are ten different figures in each series. Each package contains 6 figures. Be aware though, these are what is called "blind-packed", which means you can't see what you are getting, making it likely that you will get duplicates or triplicates if you order more than one bag of 6. Each package will run you $17.99 online at Entertainment Earth. You might shop around & see if you can find them at Hastings or Vintage Stock a little cheaper or have your local comics shop order them for you.

Like or Dislike Stamps

Unlike that social networking site we all love/hate, you can "Dislike" things as well as "Like" them with these handy stamps! A great gift for that, um, I mean Receptionist. You can find them over at Entertainment Earth for $12.99!

Friday, September 09, 2011

My Top 15 Favorite Xena Episodes

Yes. Top 15, because it's impossible to pick 10. Mostly due to trilogy episode arcs. Besides, 15 is my favorite number.

So, coming in at #1 - "Sins of the Past" The first episode EVER! Why? Lots of reasons. Xena meets Gabrielle being the best reason. Now to be honest, I could not stand Gabrielle until the end of the first season. I thought Xena was tough enough to not need a side kick or anyone for that matter. I also thought I was the same way. I was wrong on both counts.

#2 - "When the Fates Collide" Season 6 - episode 18. Holy crap what an amazing beautiful script Katherine Fugate wrote. She only wrote this one episode for the entire series, but it was absolutely breathtaking. It is also mirrors how I feel about T. It wouldn't matter where we were or how we got there, we still would have found each other. We're soul mates.

#3 - "The Rheingold" part 1 of "The Ring" trilogy. Season 6 episode 7. OMG! Xena goes Norse & does a retelling of Beowulf & Sleeping Beauty. Two of my favorite stories of all time intertwined with the best show ever! How could I not love this? And Xena as a Valkyrie? C'mon...AWESOME!

#4 - "The Ring" part 2 of "The Ring" trilogy. Season 6 episode 8. OMG! More! No, wait! Xena don't put that ring on! OMG!

#5 - "Return of the Valkyrie" part 3 of "The Ring" trilogy. Season 6 episode 9. What!? What the What!? One year later!? OMG! What's happened to Gabrielle!? More importantly, what's happened to XENA!? Holy crap Xena's going to full on kiss Gabrielle! OMG!

#6 - "One Against an Army" Season 3 episode 13. Best Xena fight scene EVER! One of the absolutely most touching heartfelt Gabrielle/Xena moments of the entire series.

#7 - "A Day In the Life" Season 2 Episode 15. Absolutely HI-larious. So many great one liners. Directed by Michael Hurst (the guy that played Hercules' sidekick Iolaus.

#8 - "Remember Nothing" Season 2 Episode 2. We get to meet Xena's brother Lyceus. It makes me miss my brother. He's the awesomest! Also, we get to see that Xena isn't really to blame for what happened 10 years into her past.

#9 - "The Bitter Suite" Season 3 Episode 12. How better to fix a rift between our two characters than with a good old fashioned Musical? Lucy Lawless sings & so does Kevin Smith, but everyone else is dubbed over by pros. Joss Whedon loved it so much he copied it in Buffy.

#10 - "Adventures in the Sin Trade I" - Season 4 Episode 1. Northern Amazons. Cyane. Alti. Xena's dark past. Borias. Yummy Borias. My Favorite Xena outfit.

#11 - "Adventures in the Sin Trade II" - The vision Xena has that will tease us for the rest of Season 4. Or haunt. It still gives me the chills every time the music starts & we see that little vision.

#12 - "Devi" Season 4 Episode 14 - Xena & Gab in India. India has their own set of unique & awesome gods! We run into an important new character named Eli.

#13 - "Between the Lines" Season 4 Episode 15 - More Xena & Gab in India. The Mehndi. Souls intertwined. The return of Alti. Future lives. That damned vision again. This episode really should probably be in my top 5. It's so hard to decide!

#14 - "You Are There" Season 6 Episode 13 - Michael Hurst directs again. Remember "Day in the Life"? Yeah, this one is just as good. The ending is priceless.

#15 - "Many Happy Returns" Season 6 Episode 19 - The last fun & carefree episode before the end. It really has a season 2 or three feel to it but with the quality of season 6. It was originally going to be another musical episode, but they didn't quite have the funds to pull it off. The gift Xena gives Gabrielle & the way the two actors play their parts right here makes me cry every time. It's so incredibly sweet & romantic.

Crap...I'm already to 15!?

I didn't even get to "The Ides of March" or "Fallen Angel" or "Destiny" or "The Quest". All such good episodes.

And what about "The Crusader" or "A Good Day" or "In Sickness & In Hell" or "Paradise Found" or "The Way".

Not to mention, the absolute great Raimi-esque episode "The Haunting of Amphipolis" or the painful "Who's Gurkhan"?

The touching moment in "The Abyss" when Gabrielle thinks she's dying is worth a mention.

The awesome 1940's episode "The Xena Scrolls" is so much fun.

The scene in "Blind Faith" where Gabrielle puts Egyptian Senna in Xena's eyes is so precious.

"The Lost Mariner" guest starring Tony Todd is fun!

"The Greater Good" & "Is There a Doctor" make me cry.

The ones that made me laugh so much, like "The Quill is Mightier", "Femmes, Fems, & Gems", "Warrior... Priestess... Tramp", & "A Tale of Two Muses"!

What about the attempt by Gabrielle to domesticate Xena in "Kindred Spirits" or the fun of "Old Ares Had a Farm", where Xena seems pretty comfortable & shares little special moments & memories with Gabby?

The introduction to Xena's grown-up daughter in "Livia" then "Eve" and "Motherhood"?

There's a reason this is my favorite TV series EVER. There are so many great episodes.

Even "Friend In Need I & II" are beautifully done. I never thought I would say that. When Xena is hacking & slashing her way through men with arrows sticking out of her & screaming Gabrielle's, it gets me.

So, there you have it. My top 15. Maybe my next post should be my top 10 worst Xena episodes. I'm not sure there were 10. Well, Season 5. That entire Season was pretty damn bad until the last 5 or 6 episodes.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

New Gauntlets & Fighting Through

Writing is tough. Writing is hard. Writing takes a whole mess of energy. Writing is scary. Writing is exciting. Writing is jumping into the vastness of the universe & going with it. Writing is letting go of control & letting creativity control you. Writing is something I can do & T can do better.
It's something that ANYONE can do, but the above mentioned things are reasons people don't.

The Xena finale really made it hard to keep going. There was the realization that what we had come up with wasn't working now. We panicked. We felt lost. We almost gave up. Then we got over it. Mostly because we had to. T made a commitment for class. So we watched the first episode again.

We kept thinking about the show. Talking about it. What we loved & what it meant to us. Then we realized that it meant many of the same things to everyone else. The campy fun of it, the deep serious moments, the incredible things that that team were able to put on the small screen that had never been done before & honestly, haven't been done since. The love. Oh, yeah, the love! That's why we wanted to do it! It made us laugh & cry & touched us to the very core of our being.

Then our 2nd official Xena Prop came in the mail. A pair of screen used gauntlets from the episode "Remember Nothing". Perfect timing.

See this pic below? See the baddies gauntlets? Yep, that's them. Cool.

See that dude (Maphias) helping Xena in the pic below? See his gauntlets? Yep, same ones! So cool.

It hit us like a bolt of lightning from Zeus himself. Our story DID still work! We just needed to move some things around & change a couple of perspectives, but the whole of the plot was really good & could still stay intact. What we were missing, really, was all the campy fun. The last two episodes were so serious that we let that bleed into our story. But really, is anyone that loved Xena going to want to see that? Or, do they want to see what made them love her in the first place? And for that matter, isn't that what WE want to see? Well, of course it is! Duh!

So, we're off again with a happier disposition & the passion we had before. Battle on Xena! We will bring you back.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Seeing Xena from a different perspective

Well, we finished it. The whole series from episode 1 to episode 134. Again. I haven't seen the final two episodes since they originally aired. I grieved for years. Funny, T & I didn't realized how much we missed this silly little TV show. How much it meant to us & how much laughter & strength we pulled from it. It's way more than a silly little TV show. It's a pretty amazing piece of work. The depth, the touching moments, the pain, the sadness, the fears, the awakenings & the friendship & love. It has given us so much to look forward to as well as a great way to escape the real world every night for the last couple months.
I have been dreading getting to those last two episodes. I was so completely distraught last time. I had traveled with these two characters & their friends for 6 years. I had met my soulmate because of this show. T & I learned things about ourselves & grew up together & grew together because of it. So on the 15th anniversary of the day we met, we watched the final two episodes. Actually, I think we watched the final 5 or 6. Two of which are among my favorite episodes ever. "When the Fates Collide" & "Many Happy Returns".
It was different. It all made sense this time. I wasn't so caught up worrying & anxious about what would happen. I knew what was coming. I always felt like Xena had been completely out of character in the last two episodes, but she was just the opposite. She was 100% herself. She did EXACTLY what Xena would have done. So did Gabrielle. The story is beautiful & tragic. Absolutely tragic. I cried hard again. This time though, it wasn't because I didn't feel like it was fair or that someone just didn't want the two characters to be together or any of the things I had seen before. no this time it was because there wasn't any other way out. It had to be this way. I'm still feeling pretty blue about it.
Now, this brought us to a bit of a conundrum as far as our script. Suddenly what we thought had happened & what had actually happened in the end were two totally different things. What we remembered & what we saw this time...not the same thing at all. Now our character motivations & character conflicts are all sorts of messed up. It also makes it harder to have as much passion to bring back a character once you realize they did indeed have a good ending. A just ending. Tragic or not.
Now, all that being said, we would still love to see these two characters reunited & have them walk off into the sunset. I still feel Xena never forgave herself & that's a big one for me. I feel Gabrielle also felt that Xena never forgave herself & I think her heart would always ache a bit at that. So back to the drawing board. Lesson learned. Do your research. Don't think you know something, make sure you know it. Still, I gotta admit, I am loving every minute of this. Battle On Xena.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Futurama Planet Express Blueprint Shirt

Oh yeah! ThinkGeek has this really awesome shirt available for $18.99 - $20.99 depending on what size you need. Plus, with it's purchase you rack up 225 Geek Points for other merchandise! Win Win!