Saturday, March 12, 2011

Movie review "Battle of Los Angeles"

Avoid this film. This is 2 hrs. of shaky cam, repetitive plot, thin as paper characters, bad & many times muffled dialogue & it lacks any tension or suspense. You know the outcome of almost every situation. OMG, I have never wanted a refund from a movie more in my life. Hollywood really needs to figure out how & when to use the shaky cam. NEVER EVER use the shaky cam for every frame in the film. The military cliches are way overdone. Director Jonathan Liebesman makes Michael Bay look like a compositional genius.

Now, if you love watching people play first person shooters & your review of a "good" film would be, "Stuff blew up awesome & the CGI rocked!" I would say, this is YOUR movie. Go knock yourself out.

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