Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Wonder Woman

That left bracelet was driving me batty. I worked a little more on it. I think it looks much better.

03.27.11, 2:30 am

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wonder Woman Painting in progress

As of today, March 26, 2011

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Okay...I don't even know where to start. This movie was a moving religious-like experience for me. OMG. It's as if the universe put me in front of a screen & said, "You want to know what to do? You need direction? You want to make your dreams come true? Okay, fine, here is what you do." For two hours my mind was in a state of unbelievable bliss & complete concentration. It was everything I have ever wanted to see on the big screen in one place, in one movie. The acting was perfect, the screenplay was perfect, the soundtrack was perfect, the direction was perfect...I cannot find anything about this movie to criticize. The way the film was shot was exactly the way it should have been. The sets, the design, the special effects...everything was just...well, perfect.

The last movie that came close to achieving this was probably V for Vendetta. Suckerpunch may very well be my 2nd favorite movie of all time.

It was my "Up". "Up" really moved me, but not at this level. It didn't really make me believe the message. THIS movie made me feel like all I have to do is walk out of the theater & conquer the world...and I believe it.

So, if you weren't sure you wanted to see it or not, my suggestion is OMG, hell yes, go see it! See it IN the theater. It will really lose a lot on TV or video, unless you have a really sweet home theater.

I don't expect it to do too well. I don't think many people will grasp it. In fact, T heard two women in the restroom of the theater after the movie saying just that. They liked it, but they were a little confused & not sure they got it. It will, for the most part, be lost on the mainstream. That's okay, that's what "Up" was for.

This movie was for me. For me & T & those like us.

Thank you Zack Snyder.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Model Kit

This is a 1/8th scale model of the buxom babe, Elvira. The model is a recreation from her 1988 film "Mistress of the Dark". It features her classic couch pose, as well as her ferocious poodle "Algonquin", a skull, rat & candelabra. You can get it for $34.99 on Entertainment Earth's site, or $29.99 over at Monsters in Motion. I've never ordered through Monsters in Motion before, so if you have a good or bad experience with them, let me know.

These models are usually pretty limited & once they are gone, they never show up again. If you want it, make sure to get it now. Elvira Models are one of the few collectibles Elvira fans can get their hands on. There's not a huge amount of merchandise for this sultry siren.

You can check out Elvira's Website for some autographed merchandise.

Have fun darlings...and Unpleasant Dreams. :)

Hastings $9.99 Action Figure $ale!

Head over to Hastings to check out the figures they have for $9.99. You can order online. Some of them, like the Doctor Who figures, are great deals, others, like the G.I. Joe Bat, are not really a deal. There's about 6 pages worth of figures though, & one of those pages might have that missing figure you've been searching for.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Movie review "Battle of Los Angeles"

Avoid this film. This is 2 hrs. of shaky cam, repetitive plot, thin as paper characters, bad & many times muffled dialogue & it lacks any tension or suspense. You know the outcome of almost every situation. OMG, I have never wanted a refund from a movie more in my life. Hollywood really needs to figure out how & when to use the shaky cam. NEVER EVER use the shaky cam for every frame in the film. The military cliches are way overdone. Director Jonathan Liebesman makes Michael Bay look like a compositional genius.

Now, if you love watching people play first person shooters & your review of a "good" film would be, "Stuff blew up awesome & the CGI rocked!" I would say, this is YOUR movie. Go knock yourself out.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Oklahoma is on fire

So far today we have had 22 different fires break out today. Many of them around the city I live in. Smoke filled the air for quite a while today. Over 50 houses have been destroyed.

Fire & smoke at Sunset

I hope all the fire fighters come home safe & they are able to contain the fires. All of this on top of the horrible earthquake & tsunami in Japan.

Too much devastation for one day.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring & Summer Movie Figures!!!

I am excited, but nervous, about the upcoming Green Lantern movie. True, the fellow I wanted to portray Green Lantern is the guy they got, but the previews have me cringing a bit. The first figures have made an appearance & lucky you, I've got links & info on them! The one you see above is of Hal Jordan, played by Van Wilder himself, Ryan Reynolds (woo-hoo!). The sculpt is pretty good on this 6" figure. Each figure comes with a build & connect piece that eventually forms a complete separate figure.

Next we have Tomar, a member of the Green Lantern Corp (above) and Nautkeloi (below).

They are all produced by Mattel & should run around $16.99 each. A little pricey. You should be able to find them at all your local giant corporation stores like Wal-Mart & Target sometime in May, but don't forget, your local comics shop is usually always willing to order them for you. The more of you that ask them, the more they are likely to order.

Another cool collectible will be the Green Lantern Movie small busts. These are highly detailed & will run you around $75.00. The one below is of the loveable Kilowog. Kilowog measures approximately 7 1/4-inches wide x 6 2/3-inches tall x 4-inches long and is packaged in a 4-color box. Limited edition of 4,000 pieces.

Another big superhero movie hitting the big screen this Spring/Summer is Captain America.

These figures (one pictured above) are pretty highly detailed figures with excellent sculpts from Gentle Giant. They haven't been finalized yet, but expect the finished product to look very similar. Diamond Select is the company that snagged the rights to make these & they have set their price right around $18.99. I didn't find a size, but it appears to be the same size as the McFarlane lines which ran around 5 1/2 to 6" tall. They are also rumored to include a partial diorama that will fit together.

There will also be Captain America mini-mates.

Monday, March 07, 2011

New Buck Rogers Figures

Good Monday to all my lovely followers. All 6 of you. I hope your week is fantabulous. Boy am I excited! This week starts off with an amazing announcement! New Buck Rogers in the 25th Century figures.

I am assuming these figures are the same size as Mego figures, which would put them at 8 inches. They list the size as 1/9th scale. Buck has a removable helmet, screen accurate laser pistol, 2 sets of hands, Z-body with 22 points of articulation, and the white screen accurate costume.

The company producing these is a small independent company called Zica.

Wave 1 of the Buck Rogers series includes: Buck, Hawkman, Kane, Tigerman, & a Draconian Guard.

Wilma & Twiki are planned for wave two. Hopefully the Princess as well. If you are a really big fan of Buck Rogers like I am, make sure to head on over to Gil Gerard's website & purchase them directly through him with or without an added autograph!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Star Wars in 3-D

If you haven't heard, the Star Wars Saga is being converted to 3-D. Yep, all 6 movies are being meticulously entered into the magic 3-D computer to make them pop out of the screen. The best part of this though is the fact that they are going to once again find their way to the big screen! Oh yeah, Star Wars in the Theater once again! You know I'm excited. They could make them black & white for all I care, as long as I get to see them in the theater again! I've seen them all, twice, some of them more than twice, in the theater already, but with the nice new theater we have here I am stoked!

Okay, so the first one, Phantom Menace, will be hitting the theater on Feb. 10, 2012. Mark it on your calendars. Make sure to ask off from work NOW! Don't take any chances!

I know where I will be on Feb. 10, 2012!

May the force be with you.


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Attention: This could be your last chance

I have posted stuff about Alex CF in the past and this is going to be yet another post about Alex CF. Why? The guy's a genius. Not only is he an amazing artist who builds all the neat creatures or goblins or monsters you've always been afraid might be lurking about in the shadows, but the guy is in a band, Light Bearer. Oh, and he's British. How cool is that?

Now, the reason I think you need to know about Alex CF is because he is getting ready to take a break from monster building. That means his last monster, his last work of genius, might just be that, his last. So, what does that mean for you? Well, it means you need to go snatch it up. He sells his art, his monsters, his work. That's right. You could own one of Alex CF's very limited collection of monsters.

What was his last work? Get this...The Trappings of the late Charles Dodgson, also known as the writer Lewis Carroll. How freaking cool is that?!

Go check it out here: Alex CF

Also, go check out the South UK metal band's FaceBook page here: Light Bearer

And for the sake of all that matters, buy something! Even if it's just a song. It's hard being a creative genius. The pay sucks.