Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Gingerbread slug

T & I made gingerbread cookies.  I made a Gingerbread Slug with the leftover dough.

Happy New Year - 2015

Well, here we are.  2015.  The year of awesome things to come.  New Star Wars film, new Avengers film, new job as a Graphic Designer, my first full year of my 40's. 

Day one is cold and overcast with a chance of ice and possibly some snow later this weekend.  

I'm happy to be sitting in a toasty warm house with someone who loves me and two warm pups.  I had a nice hot bath and a nice filling lunch.  I pre-salted the front porch and driveway,  raked up leaves around our newer little Blue Princess Holly shrubs, and built a mound of leaves just for the pups. 

T and I prepared Gingerbread dough, which is chilling right now, in order to bake cookies later tonight.

Mmmm...fresh Gingerbread.

T starts her first real teaching gig in less than two weeks.   A College instructor.  She's a badass lady. 

Xena Con, the last one EVER, is a little less than two months away.  I'm already nervous and excited. 

I got an adorable Hello Kitty card from my wonderful Japanese friend Kumi just yesterday to start the New Year off with a reminder of just how fortunate I am to have such wonderful, kind, and loving people in my life.

I hope you all have a fantastic 2015.

I can't wait to get back to the gym and really push myself there as well as pushing myself to create, draw, or paint every single day. 

This it it folks.  Let's make it count and let's keep it positive.