Monday, September 15, 2014

Things that make you feel LEGIT

The photo above is of my friend and her sweet new baby girl.  The painting hanging on the wall was painted by me.  This photo seriously makes me feel legit.  

I remember always being completely amazed at artwork as a small child. To see another human being being in any way moved by something I created is intensely inspiring.

It makes me want to make so much art I might explode.  

You know what else makes me feel legit?  People that want me to paint them something.  I have two commissions right now and that really feels good.  It's been a while.

All of this stuff together as well as having a relaxed and positive day job make me very hopeful for the future.

Who knows?  This art thing might work out afterall.  


Idyll Wild said...

You'll have to email me with your rates. I'd love to commission some of your artwork! I'm poor but I can save for the things I want!.

Negative Nellie said...

22So happy you are getting work, finding the happy in things, and that this inspires you to art, art, art!

Cindy said...

Every time someone walks into my house for the first time, the very first thing they notice is my Wonder Woman painting that you did. They are all over it. And I always say "that's from my friend Jen. She's an artist."