Friday, May 02, 2014


Let's not let Godzilla take away all the fanfare from Gamera on his upcoming 50th Anniversary.  Gamera is getting a movie in 2015!  If you aren't familiar with Gamera, he's a giant mutated turtle that protects Japan.

The original Gamera was produced and released in 1965 by Toho Studios.

If you aren't real familiar with Gamera, but want to know more, you're in luck!
Amazon has just released a great collection of Gamera on Blu-ray.

Gamera volume one is in it's native language of Japanese with English subtitles.  Personally, that's the way I prefer my films.  Even cheesy men in rubber suit monster films.  There's often a huge difference in the story line if it's dubbed in English.  

The first film included is the original 1965 Gamera.  Next is Gamera vs Buragon from 1966.  Then we have Gamera vs Gyaos from 1967 and finally, Gamera vs. Viras from 1968.

Now, I assume if you are still reading this, I don't have to explain to you what type of movies these are.  They're cheesy fun monster films with heart.  If you can't get past the idea of a giant mutated turtle, then don't waste your time here.  If you're a monster movie fan though, this is a must have collection for you!

The collection is $14.99 right now on

That's a monster of a deal!

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