Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Real Masterpiece Michael Jordon Figure

If you're a Basketball fan or you know someone who is and loves Michael Jordon, i promise you this will be a must have for them.  If you were to snatch one before the holidays for them, I'm betting you'd get some serious brownie points.  The figure is a fantastic sculpt of Mr. Jordan in his signature Red jersey.

Of course if they are a HUGE Jordan fan, you might want to pick the highly limited edition one instead.  It's a white jersey and just as amazing of a sculpt.

It's limited to just 3,000 pieces and can be found on Ebay, Amazon and The Big Bad Toy Store.

The figure comes with a Basketball with a magnet inside so it sticks to his hands in any position you decide to pose him.  There are 30 points of articulation to make certain you get just the right pose.

This is 1:6 scale to Mr. Jordan's actual height, so the figure is in reality a little bigger than 12".

Lots of interchangeable parts including 5 different sets of hands.

Here's a video of the Red jersey version:


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