Monday, August 26, 2013

Fortune Telling Bacon and other flavorful things

Remember those little Fortune Telling fish?  I might be dating myself here.  Or just proving how weird my childhood was with a Dad that dragged me to every Magic Shop and trick store in the Midwest because he wanted to be the next World renown Magician.  ThinkGeek has a new spin on those little Fortune Telling Fish.  It's Fortune Telling Bacon.  LMAO.  Yes, Bacon.  Now you can let Bacon, a little thin piece of transparency-like film printed like Bacon, guide your life.  Sounds more dependable than a magic sky king.

In other news, Dynamite Comics is relaunching Red Sonja.  I'm not sure when their current Red Sonja stopped.  I read it religiously up until last year.  So it must have been some time last year that they ceased or this year.  I feel so behind in the comic world.  I haven't been able to buy anything for over a year and with the demise of my preferred comic retailer, I haven't really wanted to go into the other shop.  They aren't the friendliest males to comic chicks.  Anyway, it looks like an interesting relaunch.  They have hired a woman, Gail Simone, to pen the new Red Sonja.  I am slightly interested in this.  I believe (I'll have to double-check) Ms. Simone was the woman responsible for writing the Wonder Woman's with some real direction and excitement to them.  The one's that DC just abandoned for 52's launch.  The one's that for the first time began putting Wonder Woman where she needed to be.  Apparently DC fired her.  Not suprising with all the rumors and whispers of how DC is run by a bunch of men always comparing the sizes of their peckers.  I'm honestly surprised Batwamn has made it this far.  Of course, those types always like women like Batwoman. Wonder Woman doesn't fit into a nice little box.  (Pun sort of intended. *snicker*) She has her own culture and beliefs and is very fierce about them.  This isn't about Wonder Woman though, this is about Sonja.  I think I'm going to like Ms. Simone's take.  I'll let you know.  I'm going to go pick up the first 2 new issues sometime this week.  Or get them online here:

I'm not impressed with the artist they hired to draw the new Sonja.  Walter Geovani.  His art seems a little straightforward and frankly, a little boring.  Maybe he will get more dynamic while working on Red Sonja.  Although, he's already done some work on her before.  Again, not impressed.

Pretty craptastic.

But hey, who am I?  I've been working on the dang Xena Graphic novel for over a year.  
Maybe I should finigh it and apply to Dynamite.

Oh, and if I haven't mentioned it yet, I have put up or built or whatever you want to call it a FaceBook page version of this blog.

I put stuff up over there a little more frequently, but without as much wordy commenting and context.

Feel free to go "like" it.

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