Monday, July 01, 2013

Get Them BEFORE the Recall.

I don't usually suggest grabbing action figures that are offensive, simply because they ARE offensive, but *IF* you are one of those types of collectors, I suggest you head on over and grab the Lone Ranger figures right now.  This film looks like such a colossal middle finger to Native Americans, that I suspect it will flop (due to more attention to Tonto than the main character) or end up in the middle of a justified outrage and the "toys" will be yanked.  Just a guess though.

Disney decided to cast a Non-Native American as Tonto, despite there being a huge surplus of amazing Native actors.  Sure, sure, you've heard he was adopted by the tribe...well, guess what, 5 people a tribe does not make.  The actual tribe peoples are NOT happy.

He looks like a frakkin' clown.  And have you heard him in the trailer?
Sweet jebus.

Anyway, if you want these, head on over to Entertainment Earth and pick them up for $31.99.

20 points of articulation and 7 inches high.

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Idyll Wild said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Jen. Johnny Depp is a good actor but wrong, wrong, wrong for this part. They had such an opportunity to get it right and totally pissed it away. Unfortunately, I think Americans will probably go crazy for it. *sigh*