Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why I LOVED Man of Steel

I've heard praise and I've heard rants.  Angry rants.  People screaming about how this isn't Superman.  These people, apparently, didn't know Superman.  At least not current 2013 Superman.  I wonder when they last picked up a comic with big blue?  But this isn't about them or comic Superman.   This is about why I loved the film, Man of Steel.

**********************SPOILERS SWEETIE********************


**********************Okay, you've been warned******************

The movie starts with a conflict.  Hooray, it's not boring!  Oh, look Krypton.  Wow.  Krypton on film was beautiful.  The costumes were excellent.  I didn't find them the least bit hokey.  The politics are relevant to our time.  Drilling to the core of Krypton for fuel has ultimately lead to the planet becoming unstable.

(STOP FRACKING oil and gas companies!  Sheesh.)

It's too late to save the planet.

 Babies have become manufactured because Kryptonians have found natural birth icky and disgusting.   For dying in a ball of fire, Krypton is a surprisingly cold and distant place to live.  The entire intro is a social commentary on how we are distancing ourselves from nature.  How we are relying more and more on technology and rejecting who and what we are.  People are catagorized and have no choices on who or what they will be.  I found the way that was brought across very pleasing.

They give up Clark, who was born naturally, the first in something like 50 to a hundred years (I forget), so that he can go be a better person.  He can be someone and something he could never be on Krypton.  He can be himself.  Who he was supposed to be.  Who he truly is.  And in doing so, he can help others see that being who you are and being the best at being who you are is what it is about.  Not letting society or culture dictate who you are supposed to be.  I think many viewers didn't get this from the film.  I did.

Not only that, but when we see young Clark have what Aspergers and Autistic Spectrum kids would call a meltdown, the way his Mother reacts is so important.  She's not embarrassed, or scolding or angry.  She is compassionate and understanding.  Clark hears everything the other kids are whispering.  He hears how weird they think he is.  He hears how they reject him.  He hears what those children  have been taught by their parents.  What they have overhead other parents saying.  This is so incredibly important.  That scene brought me to tears because of how I identified with it.

Later we deal with coming out.  Clark wants to.  He doesn't understand his Father's fear.  It was amazing to see Clark's coming out paralelled to a gay person coming out.  His Father not only feared for what might happen to him, but the reiteration of the idea that society wasn't ready yet.   That accepting Clark would somehow destroy the fabric of the existing society.  Religions would fade away and there would be a revolution of some sort.  His Father would rather die than allow his son to come out.  It made me sad.  His Father's fear controlled him and ultimately lead to his demise.  Did he love Clark?  Yes, but certainly not unconditionally.  He was willing for others to be hurt, maimed or killed to not disrupt his own comfort zone.  In the end, he missed out on being part of an amazing man's life.

We see Clark drift looking for a home.  A place to belong.  He steals, he drinks, he does things that someone who is taught to hide their true nature does, but he really isn't any different.  He only thinks he is.

We meet the girl.  Lois Lane.  Let me tell you, I LOVE Amy Adams and was overjoyed to see her as Lois Lane.  She did not disappoint.  Perfect.  This girl is not a passive character.  Lois Lane is as much of a hero as Superman.  She works as part of a team with him to do what needs to be done.  Feminism at it's best.  Strong and without a neon sign to point out a girl did something amazing.

Lois was acceptance from outside.  She was unconditional love from a stranger.  She had a chance to tell the world, but when she saw that it would bring him great pain and misery, she went with compassion over selfishness and greed.  There is a beautiful moment between them on the air field waiting for Zod.  They hold hands and exchange words.  Words that made me feel exactly as I did when I found my soulmate.  It was perfection.

Then there is the battle.  The battle sequences where there to entertain.  Too much shakey cam.  Cool stuff right out of the comics though.  So much destruction.  They were a little long, but not too long that I lost interest.

Then we have the final moment between Clark and Zod.  I loved it.  It's an impossible situation.  If you truly love people though, what do you do?  Do you stand by and let them die?  What is the right choice?  There isn't one.  Because things aren't black and white.  They never have been.  They never will be.  Krypton tried.  They failed.  There is nothing and no one in this Universe that is perfect.  The closest you can get is to be compassionate and to side with those who show compassion.

I loved this movie so much, that I am going to the theater to see it again.  Another amazing piece of Directing from Mr. Zack Snyder.  Great Job, sir!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sailor Mercury...mercury...mercury

Lookie!  SH Figuarts has added Sailor Mercury to their line!  5 1/2 inches tall and highly articulated.

She also has awesome accessories, like the laptop and cool shades for computing!  
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