Thursday, May 02, 2013

#Free Art

A friend of mine has been drawing art and placing it in different places wherever he goes.  Recently he went into a small business in Tulsa called Sheena's Bakery & Deli and handed someone a piece of his art.

Apparently they didn't get it or the concept, because the baker looked him over and seeing that he was not a typical white anglo-saxon said, "You should go back to Mexico".  I'm not sure my friend has ever even stepped foot in Mexico.  

So, if you ever want baked goods or a deli sandwich, and you aren't a racist, don't buy any of that stuff from Sheena's.

Next time, try "No thanks" or wait until the person leaves and trash it.  Then people won't know you're a Xenophobe or racist.  However, thanks for letting us know, so that we don't help fund your hate filled baked goods and hate sandwiches.

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