Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No Snow

(© 2009 Jen Tucker)

I can't lie.  I was really looking forward to a snow day.  We don't get them very often here in Oklahoma.  It's one of those rare delights that show up every 4 or 5 years.  Sometimes it takes even longer.  So when there is a serious chance of one, I get excited.  Why, you ask?

Snow days mean creativity peaks.  There is something magical about snow.  It has a creative energy to it for me.  Much like thunderstorm days in the spring and the height of summer.  There is a magic energy there.

So, when I get a snow day, it means a super productive creative explosion will come about.  The day flips.  I  sleep in, get up, eat, bathe, and start.  Somewhere around 3 AM, I step outside for a break to utter silence and the smell of a white blanketed earth.  The snow reflects light in a very unique way that absolutely nothing else does.

The feel of creative exhaustion is a wonderful feeling.  Unlike the exhaustion of the J-O-B, which just continues to try and break my soul.  So, yeah, I wanted that snow day.  I needed it.  All our funds have completely dried up and it looks as though there will be no MAY trip to Spectrum or KCMO after all.  I have yet to scrape together enough to get the dog her annual shots.  So, again, yeah, I really wanted/needed that snow day.

I didn't get it.  The snow gods forsake me.  However, we did get to go home at 1:30 PM yesterday.   Even the chance that we could get a snow day elicited creativity from me. I created.  I tried something new.  I let the art just take me on it's own journey.  Sadly, I didn't start until 8 PM.  I stayed up far too late and today...I'm exhausted and a little miffed about not getting my snow day.  At the same time, I'm a little excited.   Enough creative energy came about that I did something that inspired more from me.

Let's hope that continues.  And maybe, just maybe, that wasn't the last chance this Winter for a Snow day.

(© 2009 Jen Tucker)

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