Thursday, January 31, 2013

Traveling is Tough

I love to travel.  I love being places and seeing things.  I love visiting friends.

I don't, however, have money to do that very often.

Every month we have about $100 left over.  That $100 is saved up to go into the emergency fund.

We have about 3 to 5 emergencies a year.

The air conditioner guy and the plumber had to be called last year. 

$1000 gone.

The dog went to the vet at least 3 to 4 times last year.

Kiss another $500  to $700 good-bye.

I had an MRI.  $600 AFTER insurance.

Having money to travel rarely happens.  It has to be well planned and something has to be


We sold T's car to go to Burbank this year.

Next up is Kansas City in May.  This is a two-fer.  

We get to visit our friend Cindy as well as getting more insightful 

career instruction and advice.

I get to mingle with my peeps.  Art peeps.

It's nice having friends in places that have events that happen.

It's nice having events where friends are.

I hope all my friends understand that I would love to come see them 

every day if I could, but with our jobs and the ridiculous amount we are paid

it isn't an option for us.

We have to be very careful and very picky about where we go when.

One trip too many and when the washing machine goes out,

we will be wearing stinky clothes for months.

The dream is to one day break free of these ball and chain jobs we have

and work for ourselves, allowing us to travel and work as we do.

Visiting on our time.

Until then though, we go when we can, where we can.

If we can hit a two-fer, it feels like a bonus to us!

I can't tell you how much I love the 

Kansas City Trip.

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