Thursday, January 31, 2013

Traveling is Tough

I love to travel.  I love being places and seeing things.  I love visiting friends.

I don't, however, have money to do that very often.

Every month we have about $100 left over.  That $100 is saved up to go into the emergency fund.

We have about 3 to 5 emergencies a year.

The air conditioner guy and the plumber had to be called last year. 

$1000 gone.

The dog went to the vet at least 3 to 4 times last year.

Kiss another $500  to $700 good-bye.

I had an MRI.  $600 AFTER insurance.

Having money to travel rarely happens.  It has to be well planned and something has to be


We sold T's car to go to Burbank this year.

Next up is Kansas City in May.  This is a two-fer.  

We get to visit our friend Cindy as well as getting more insightful 

career instruction and advice.

I get to mingle with my peeps.  Art peeps.

It's nice having friends in places that have events that happen.

It's nice having events where friends are.

I hope all my friends understand that I would love to come see them 

every day if I could, but with our jobs and the ridiculous amount we are paid

it isn't an option for us.

We have to be very careful and very picky about where we go when.

One trip too many and when the washing machine goes out,

we will be wearing stinky clothes for months.

The dream is to one day break free of these ball and chain jobs we have

and work for ourselves, allowing us to travel and work as we do.

Visiting on our time.

Until then though, we go when we can, where we can.

If we can hit a two-fer, it feels like a bonus to us!

I can't tell you how much I love the 

Kansas City Trip.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Have You Met Chicken?

I wrote a Children's Picture Book.  

I wrote it like 10 years ago.

It's been sitting in my file cabinet with 5 other Children's stories.

THIS is part of my CREATE goal this year.

Chicken is going to make it out into the world.

Amazon will most likely get my story, so get your $2.99 ready.

Right now I am working page by page digitally cleaning up the illustrations

that I sketched out for it.  Testing fonts.  Colors.

I'm having fun and really happy with the way it looks.

Stay tuned for ways to purchase your copy of "Chicken".

Monday, January 28, 2013

Television You Might Have Missed

If I could pick one television show that summarizes me and my friends it would be "How I Met Your Mother".  The way the characters are and how they relate to each other.  The problems and fights and tears and happy moments.  I admit I totally LOVE this show.  I'm glad it's made it 9 seasons.  That's pretty amazing.  If you haven't ever seen it, you can stream the first 7 seasons on Netflix.  I think they are currently on Season 8 and the final season will be season 9 - Fall 2013.  I hope to catch up to the new episodes and am on track to do so.

I won't give anything away, except to say it's a show about friends that are family and how life works out for them.  It's also about the lead characters search for his soulmate.  It will make you laugh your butt off and cry your eyes out.  The writing is fantastic.  So check it out sometime.  I think you'll enjoy it.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sideshow Snowtrooper

New $150.00 1/6 scale fully articulated Snowtrooper from Sideshow Collectibles.

It doesn't look right to me for some reason.

I'm not sure what it is.  Still, if it doesn't bother you, go grab one!  

Learning Lessons and Xena Con again!

Heya peeps!  It's Friday.  My favorite day as long as I'm still looking for my real life.

Well, we made it back to Xena Con.  Ha!  I would've never guessed that would happen.  Seriously.  We had just come off the worst year of both of our lives.  I seriously thought we had made it 15 and that was it.  Stuff happened last year that was so out of character for both of us that we began to barely recognize each other.  It was scary bad.

Our friends were rooting for us, but I tell ya, neither of us were.  I thought the world had crumbled and that some weird alternate dark miserable universe came and replaced my sunshiney one.

Turns out we learned a lot.  We learned that we had never mourned together.  Ever.  I've lost family and so has T, but we had never lost immediate family.  People that meant exactly the same to both of us.  When T lost her Grandpa, I was sad, but I was there for her.  When I lost my Grandma Tucker, T was sad, but she was there for me.

Last year, when we lost Chris, neither of us had any idea how to deal.  I felt guilty for telling her he would be okay.  It felt like I lied to her.  It was mostly to convince myself, but I didn't want her to worry.

Of course Chris didn't want us to worry, so he didn't really let us know he knew he was going to die.
I gotta say, I disagree with his decision, but I get it. 

He did it so we'd have fun at Xena Con.  It was all we had talked about for 6 months.  My comment at New Year's, "Nobody die!" I'm sure helped influence his decision.  Honestly though, it didn't do anything but confuse and make us feel left out.  We worried the whole time we were there.  It was a roller coaster of hope, loss, depression, fear, and back to hope.   At the 2012 Xena Con,  Jennifer Sky talked about how her liver was dying.  With every word all I could do was think of Chris.  

Later, one of the long time Con attendees spoke about how she was donating all of her partner's collectibles. They had been together for something like 30 years and she had just passed away...from Cancer.

It seemed like death and cancer hovered over the entire con.  T & I ended up in a huge argument that night.  I'm surprised the authorities weren't called.  We pretty much didn't even touch each other the rest of the trip. Words were short.  We were both suffering but we thought we still had hope.  We didn't.

The last words from Chris to me were words of concern.  He was hopeful that we had made friends and that we were having fun.  I lied and told him we were.  The truth was we had just started what would be a painful, depressing, devastating, exhausting year.

In 16 days it will be one year since Chris left.  I miss him every day.  I miss him and Cindy just showing up at random times.  I miss so many things he did for me as a friend.

It wasn't just Chris we lost though.  It was our family unit.  The random weekend visits and discussions that lasted until dawn.  The rants about our parents and our jobs.  The holiday traditions.  We tried to deny it, but we both knew it was true.  And that we needed to mourn that as well.

Instead we tried to kill each other.


We even looked at places to move.  We decided to separate.  Every failure became the fault of the other.
Every day I tried to find another reason not to hang myself in the garage.  For real.

I have some pretty amazing friends.  People that genuinely care.  

I'm still not sure if we figured out how to mourn with each other, but we did learn how to stop hurting and hating and blaming.  We learned that we weren't broken, just bent.  We learned that we were "worth it".  We learned to have compassion for each other.  And empathy.  And to believe in each other again.

We also learned that we need spirituality.  

Not religion or dogma, but that connection to the universe that somehow, we had lost.

We learned that we hate our jobs and that we are tired of feeling stuck.  We aren't and we aren't going to be.  We haven't finished trying to be what we always dreamed of being.  

The number one thing we learned was that no matter what, we want to make those dreams come true side by side.  Together.  The world isn't this terrible negative scary place you see on TV and in movies or even in books.  No, it's beautiful and amazing and good.

Sure, crazy things happen, but just being alive is crazy.  Crazy amazing.

So, that brings us back to Xena Con 2013.  We had to go back!  We couldn't let THAT last one be OUR Xena Con experience forever.  Especially since they decided to have another.  It was supposed to be the very last one in 2012, but so many people came that they went ahead and had another.

T sold her car, which is great because we didn't need it and it will save us lots by not paying for a tag or insurance.  We got creative and came up with enough to go.  At the last minute ticket prices dropped and it all came together.  So, we went.  Free this time from any burden.

There were some minor difficulties at work, but that was all really just a learning experience.  

Let me tell you kids...we had a blast this time!  The con wasn't nearly as packed this time and we actually met back up with some peeps from last year.  I got to meet some of the people from the show that I really admired and they were all amazingly positive and nice.

It's weird how many of the people involved with the show believe in soulmates and true love and deeper love than most people understand.  I'm always surprised by how many of the Kiwi's don't shy away from talk of many lives together with their partners.  Xena Con really is sort of a gathering of souls that believe in what many might think impossible.  They all prove it isn't. 

 Every year Xena Con raises over $25,000 in charity.  They've collected more than 16 million in the 18 years of Fandom.  It's a good crowd.  A little strange, but pretty amazing.  

Burbank feels like another home.  A safe place.  I'm not sure I could ever live in a city THAT big, but I promise you, we will go back.  If not for Xena Con, then for something else.

Life is super better now.  T & I had an amazing holiday season and have found our way back from the darkness.  Back from the ledge.  Back from the swamps of sadness. The universe seems to be whispering things to us.  Beautiful things.

Be good to each other.  Do something that scares you.  Create.  Laugh.  Love deeply.

And May the Force Be With You...Always.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Dang kids, I promise, one day I will return.  I made it back to work from Cali for 2 days before I was floored by the FLU.  Influenza Type A.  It kicked my butt.  Sort of.  It was a weird FLU. 

About 8 hours straight of vomiting.  I couldn't even keep a drink of water down.  My abs looks great now though.

Then a low grade fever of 100.4F while at the same time feeling like I was freezing to death.  Srsly.  I felt like I was getting frostbite.  I was so cold.  Colder than that time the power went out and the house got down to 30 F.

I would dry out like an Oklahoma pond in August, so much so that I swore I felt my brain getting crispy, and then suddenly I was a goo factory.  So much goo.  

Then all my joints swelled.  Every bone joint in my body felt like it was swollen 3 times it's normal size.  Like my cartilage had been boiled and forced back into place.  Ouch.

Then all this weird nerve pain.  Sudden waves of pains in my head, like thunderstorms, shooting lightning bolts down.  I couldn't move.  Little paralyzations all over.  

Then this cough and chest congestion.  Headache.  Sinus pressure.

If T hadn't gone to the doctor to make sure it was the FLU, I would have started to wonder what plague I had acquired.  

The good news is, it has finally subsided and I and now just exhausted and my voice is hoarse.

Did you notice that picture up there at the top?  That's Zoe Freakin' Bell, man.  How cool is that?  That happened at Xena Con.  I have so much to tell you.  Still.  I'll get to it.  I've worn myself out though.

So, I'll see you peeps tomorrow.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Be Optimistic!

I have so much to tell you.  Right now though, the evil destroyer of souls is looming near, so I only have time to get a small post out.  Beop.  Yep, Beop.  It's a little Kiwi band that I really love.  The actress that played Gabrielle's sister, Willa O'Neill, introduced us to it at the 2013 Xena Con.  Her husband started the band.  Beop stands for Be optimistic.  I love it!  I especially love the song "Our Souls Are Intergalactic".  Check it out.  If you like it, share it and subscribe to their page.

Here is their really fun site:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Star Wars Comics

Star Wars and Darkhorse are producing all new Star Wars comics with the classic characters.  #1 is out now and comes with a code to download a digital copy for free.

I'm going to have to go grab a copy.  Alex Ross is doing the covers, Carlos D'Anda is doing the inside art and Brian Wood is writing.  

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Sideshow Chewbacca and Darth Vader

Sideshow is finally working on a Chewbacca.  It's something the fans have been clamoring for.

No other info yet.  While we're talking Sideshow Collectibles, I want to mention the Darth Vader Life Sized Bust.  It's impressive.

It's also $1199.99.  Eek.  However, you can flexpay at $300.00 a month until it's paid.  

Go Team Jen!

That's this year's theme.  At least for T & I.  We Got This.   We Got The World.  Look out!

Also, go check out Icona Pop.  They make you want to dance your ass off.

Monday, January 07, 2013

I'll Take It!

2013 has your name written all over it, Scorpio. Thirteen is the number of the Death archetype in the tarot card attributed to your sign. It's about the death of the outworn aspects of yourself and your life, while the sunrise of rebirth is always waiting on the horizon. Transformation, metamorphosis, passion and sexuality are all heavily pronounced this year for you. Saturn, the great taskmaster, has taken up long-term residency in your stars until 2015 to give you and your life a complete makeover. Add to this the fact that your ruler, Pluto, is in what is known as a 'mutual reception' with Saturn (mutual influence by means of swapping signs) and the force for rebuilding your life from its very foundation is doubled. This is a year for uncovering your greatest resourcefulness, and relinquishing any skeletons from your psychic closet. Death and rebirth become daily themes as you shed layers upon layers of the former you.
The speed at which your life is moving, evolving and changing is unprecedented, Scorpio. The total whirlwind that began in the latter half of 2012 continues as the eclipse points impact your sign directly. Watch for key events in May and November as signposts for more change to come. There's a good chance you'll change jobs, move, start or end a relationship or simply start an entirely new chapter of your life under this intense influence. Trust that whatever you're putting your passionate energy into this year will indeed build out to something lasting and beautiful.
This could easily be one of the most exhilarating and spiritual years in a long time, Scorpio. Jupiter supports your quest for deep change and self-awareness by working on the Eighth House (Scorpio sector) of your horoscope until June. Delve into your own secret depths and discover how powerful you really are. Few are as tough and resilient as you are. It's actually your sensitivity and vulnerability that make you strong. At the end of the day, you may be the most emotionally courageous sign there is. You heal others by showing them that it's safe to confront their own darkness as you have done. This is the greatest gift and strength you'll be sharing with many in 2013.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Battle of the Network Stars

A friend of mine just reminded me of one of my favorite things in television history today.  Battle of the Network Stars.

Yep, Battle of the Network Stars was one of the first reality TV shows.  Like all great things it started one November, way back in 1976.  It was a TV series that pitted all the most popular stars of NBC, ABC and CBS together in sporting competitions.  ABC hosted the show.

Stars like Lynda Carter!  It was amazing seeing these actors do something normal and some of them were very competitive.  So, with all the reality TV programming, why hasn't this come back around?  Why hasn't this been revamped.  NBC could really boost their ratings if they grabbed ahold of this and relaunched it.  Imagine Castle's Stana Katic pitted up against Once Upon a Time's Jennifer Morrison!  

Get as many networks involved as possible and call it the "Battle of the Television Allstars"!  That way you can get newbies, current favorites and old favorites all together.  Have viewers vote for who they want to see on the show.  People WANT this.  C'mon Networks!  Let see it!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Thank the Gods that's all over...

Well, hello kids!  I hope you all made it back here with all your fingers and toes intact.  If,, awkward.  Sorry.  The holidays were good to us this year.  We reaped in the gifts.  Funny, the more I protest, the more I get.  I seriously am blessed with people who love to spend money on me. I asked them repeatedly not to and alas, I am showered with gifts.  I can't complain either because they get me some sweet stuff.  This year was a Star Wars Christmas with a sprinkle of  Thundercats, My Little Ponies and a little Sailor Moon.

Think Geek had some sweet last minute deals as well as so many other places online.  I really don't understand why you would get out in all of that mess to shop when you can sit on your warm cozy couch and order things in a click.  Free shipping on most.  Better deals on it all.

Now, if you're talking about stuff you can get locally, true LOCAL buys, that's different.  No one here locally makes gun targets or pottery books or I-phone gadgets.  I looked.  Those are things that were requested.  So online it was.

I Skyped Xmas with the inlaws and I have to say, it was awesome.  It was so close to being there.  Taking turns opening gifts and showing stuff over the net was pretty surreal and cool in that futuristic way.

The best gift T & I got though was 2013.  So long 2012.  And what's that?  Hello Burbank again!  What!?  Yep, we did it.  We sold her car and ticket prices dropped $200 a piece, so we took it and ran.  In mere days we will be on the West Coast drinking Starbuck's and eating Fish Dish while looking at those beautiful mountains.  We get to reconnect with some Xenites from last year as well as some of the actors that we friended as well as seeing Lucy lawless up on stage once again.  Good times and happy sunshine.

I hope you all fared well and I hope you find calm and serenity throughout 2013.  I can't wait to see what's new in action figure land this year!  And new Art!  And Music!  Woo-hoo!  Cheers!