Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snowcolypse 2012

It's was going to blizzard like crazy on xmas, but the weather models say NOPE.
That makes me sad.  
I love snow.  I mean, I LOVE IT!  I love to play in it.  I love to shovel it.  I love to build things out of it.  Things like snow forts, snow walls, snow people, snow Daleks, snow Hutts and I get better at it everytime I get a chance to play in it.

I even enjoy getting the action figure out and playing with them.  IN THE SNOW!

Snow makes those Star Wars Hoth related toys even more awesome!

So everyone think, "Snow for Jen" and maybe, just maybe it'll work and I will get some snow.

If you want to see more snow action figure pics, check out my Flickr.

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