Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Art Toys

Sometimes toys are art and art is toys.  To understand what I mean, look at the pic above.  It looks like a toy, right?  It is, but it's more than that.  Several artists including Josh (Shag) Agle and Joe Somers (of Squibbles Ink) collaborated to bring this piece to life.  They made 100 pieces called Gallery Prototype Editions and they were available to those who showed up at the art opening for $90 each. There will be another edition available to the general public in 2013.  You might scoff, but this is no more or less art than Rodin's Thinker or DaVinci's Mona Lisa.  Gen X'ers love toys.  We refuse to give up those things that brought our imagination to life.  Art like this is a way for many Gen X'ers  and others to collect art that really speaks to them.  They buy it because they like it, not necessarily because it is any sort of investment.  I love this trend in art.  I hope it isn't just a trend and that it becomes a permanent part of art.  For more interesting art pieces go check out Rotofugi.


I apparently missed someone who also was involved in this piece!  Apologies to Scott. Scott Wetterschneider (Shinbone Creative) was right in there on this with Josh and Joe.  


Scott Wetterschneider said...

And Scott Wetterschneider (Shinbone Creative) had a small hand in this piece as well ;)

Jen Tucker said...

Hey Scott - So sorry I missed your name. I have updated it to reflect your involvement! Thanks for letting me know.