Monday, November 05, 2012

Solstice Gifts Anyone?

No matter who you are or what you believe, this time of year at least one person in your family EXPECTS a gift.  You can tell people not to get you things, but someone always ignores your pleas.  So, if someone HAS to get you something or you HAVE to give, here are a few ideas.

Entertainment Earth has these for $16.99 right now.

Dr. Who fans...look!  A TARDIS ornament.
Also at Entertainment Earth for $17.99.

The Chewbacca, um...Messenger bag.  The only 
purse, uh-hmm, I mean messenger bag I'd be caught dead carrying.
It seems pricey at $89.99, but my female friends tell me that purses...I 
mean messenger bags are pretty pricey things to buy.  
Find it here: Chewie's Purse

If your greedy friend that refuses to not expect gifts from you happens to be a Lord of the Rings fan, I have the perfect gift.  The Gollum "My Precious" globe sculpture.  Nothing says greedy jerk quite like Gollum.
It's $97.50 though, so you might reconsider.  If you're compelled to give gifts this nice, I want to be your friend, too.

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