Monday, October 15, 2012

Marc Ecko Star Wars

Marc Ecko has been making sweet Star Wars clothing for quite a while.  I own a whole lot of it.  It's some of the most comfortable & best made stuff I own.  I have the Luke Skywalker hoodie.  It is by far my most favorite hoodie ever, which is saying something because I have had a crap ton of hoodies.  Not only is it super comfortable & super warm, but it has stood up to a whole lot of wear & tear.

The shirts I've purchased are also way comfy.  So soft.  The paint or screen printing ink doesn't crack easily and the images have yet to fade.  Sure, they are more expensive than the $9.99 Wal-mart Star Wars shirt, but they are totally worth it.
Go check all his cool gear out here: Star Wars Ecko

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