Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wonder Woman + Superman

If you haven't heard yet, Geoff Johns over at DC has decided that Wonder Woman and Superman should have sex.  It will happen in Justice League #12.  

It's nice to see DC paying so much attention to Wonder Woman finally.  Trying to fill out her character.  Give her depth.  I'm not sure why they think boinking Superman is the way to do it, but okay.  Clark is a great guy.  I mean, he's basically Christ when you break it down.  Being an Amazon, if you're gonna go for some penis, Super Penis would be a solid choice. *snicker* 

I mean, she grew up surrounded by beautiful women.  She was a Princess. She could have any woman on the island.   I'm sure Steve Trevor was her first male conquest. I've always figured Diana would be at least Bisexual or Pansexual.  Growing up the way she did and having the desire to protect people I think she must look at souls more than gender.  Of course, we always have the tendency to project ourselves onto our heroes.

In my opinion, the whole reason there hasn't been a Wonder Woman movie is due to her sexuality.  How do you avoid addressing it?  In the real world, sexuality is something that just pops up.  People ask you if your married, dating, etc.  I can't tell you the number of times some dude has noticed I don't have a ring on my left hand, chatted me up all friendly (I'm thinking we're just chatting mind you), and then asked me if I have a boyfriend.  Of course, I always say no.  Then he asks me out. *sigh*   Then it gets really awkward.  I mean, do I want this stranger to know?  And then again, why is that weird in the first place?  But what if he gets violent?  Or gets really offended?  Or says something really hurtful?  What if he feels really stupid?  If I don't say something though, he will think that I just am not interested.  Which I'm not.  But not for the reasons he thinks.  Ugh.

(I adore this picture.  Couldn't find the name of the photographer.  Apologies.)

So really, in the real world it's impossible to ignore. I mean, we know who Batman has the hots for.  Clark has been with Lois forever.  Aquaman has had a couple different Mermaids.  Wonder Woman though?  We just don't talk about it.

I hope this is DC's attempt to start delving into Wonder Woman and opening her up.  Making her a more rounded character.  Again, not sure why penis is involved.  Maybe we will get some great dialogue about Wonder Woman's fluid sexuality & sexuality as a whole.  Maybe they are just trying to main stream her more in order to wash away any question that she might hook up with chicks so they can present her to a larger audience in a theater.  I hope not.  Wonder Woman has the potential to be an amazing step forward as an icon.  She already has been, but she could be so much more.

Personally, once she's done with Supes, I hope she runs into Kate.  Man, the drama & intensity in that relationship might cause the Sun to Supernova.

Oh, one more thing.  Go check out NPR's take on this.  It's Hilarious!!!!

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