Monday, July 23, 2012

Talking Robot Devil

Hmm...this blog is a little Futurama heavy lately isn't it?  Oh well, that's awesome, right!?  Today I have the newest talking Futurama figure to share with you!  The 9" figure has bend-able arms & legs & says 12 unique phrases voiced by Dan Castellaneta.  He is produced by Toynami and is expected to be released in mass sometime this Fall.  More than likely September.  When all the leaves begin to fall gently to the earth.

The price varies from $24.99 on up, depending on who you get it from.  Entertainment Earth has it up for pre-order right now!

Next up is T-shirts!  Futurama T-shirts!  The first being from a scene where they re-imagined the show as a silent early cartoon in the same vein as Mickey Mouse's Steamboat Willy or Betty Boop.  Anyway, I loved it & they put it on a shirt!

It comes in Junior sizes as well as men's sizes.  Amazon has them.  They are produced by Ripple Junction.
Price varies from $17.95 on up.

Then there's this shirt!  

How awesome is that shirt?  
Amazon & Entertainment Earth have both shirts.  Both around $18.00.

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