Monday, July 16, 2012

Exclusive Librarian. Jedi Librarian!

Librarians are heroes.  When I was a youngling growing up in the "City of Springs" I was inspired by the use of the public library.  The librarians never failed to help me smuggle that perfect book out.  Much of my early childhood was spent at special events at the library.  It was nice to get out of the trailer park in the summer.

Librarians don't make it into films too often, but Star Wars included one.  The Jedi had a huge library.  All the knowledge of the past was kept there.  True, the librarian in the film was a bit snooty & a know-it-all, but that was just to show how smug the Jedi had become, not really a reflection on Librarians.

Brian's Toys has a pre-order for an exclusive Jocasta Nu figure right now!  Jocasta is the Librarian we see in the Star Wars Saga!  Awesome!

These are limited, so go get yours today.

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