Tuesday, July 31, 2012

RIP Mary Tamm aka Romana

Wow.  This year completely sucks.  Could they (someone, anyone) please freaking cure cancer already?!  When I think of all the money that goes to trying to stop consenting adults from getting married, political campaigns, and pointless wars & NOT to curing cancer it makes me a little furious.  I was listening to Donna Summer when I saw that Mary Tamm had passed away.  Being a Whovian, and an old school Baker Whovian at that, I recognized the name immediately. I wasn't a huge Romana fan, I liked Leela much better, but she was a good match to Baker's Doctor.  Very much like Donna Noble, but much more intelligent.

RIP Mary Tamm.  

Ladyhawke- My Blue Eyes Video

Go purchase Ladyhawke here:  I-Tunes or Amazon  Psst...the whole damn album is only $5 on Amazon.  Seriously, go purchase it.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Bishoujo Star Wars Jaina Solo

What is Bishoujo?  It means beautiful young girl in Japanese.  Kotobukiya has picked Princess Leia Organa Solo's daughter Jaina to represent that word in their latest 9" statue.  If you don't know who Jaina is, then I suggest you expand your knowledge of Star Wars & the Expanded Universe that has been created by the many, many, books written.  Start with "Heir to the Empire" and go from there.  Trust me.

Jaina comes dressed in X-wing gear like her Uncle Luke used to wear.  The price from Entertainment Earth is $64.99 and you can pre-order now for January delivery!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dragonslayer Model Kit

Here we have a 1/32 model kit of the Dragon from the Dragonslayer film.  The Vermithrax Dragon.  It even comes with the little dragonslayer figure.  Produced by Pegasus Hobbies, you can find them at different places online from $45 to $60 or more.  

It's a fantastic looking kit.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SDCC Exclusive Derpy Pony

LMAO.  Awesome.  Hasbro allowed a special edition SDCC Exclusive version of Derpy for the My Little Pony Line.

Derpy was one of the first Con exclusives to sell out!
If you don't know anything about Derpy, she was first spotted in the very first episode of the New My Little Pony series, Friendship is Magic!  She had crossed eyes & once a member of 4 chan had spotted her & posted her picture, she went viral!  She has since made several appearances.

There are also shirts of Derpy.

I like this one.

If you want a clip of Derpy, here's one:

And if you want some Epic Derpy, here ya go: 

Also, I have a special for you!  The preview clip from season 3 that was shown at the SDCC!  It's a new song from Twilight Sparkle & my favorite little Dragon, Spike!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ride, Sally Ride

I can't begin to tell you what a hero Sally Ride has been to me.  I have always wanted to be an astronaut.  Ever since seeing Luke Skywalker in that battle trench scene. Sally Ride made me feel like I could.  It was possible.

That's not all though.

She broke stereotypes.  She was a girl that was really good at math.  She pushed Math & Science & their importance in the classroom until the end.

She was the first American woman in space & the youngest person in space.  Yet, rather than the United States focusing on that, they made jokes about how the shuttle delays could now be blamed because Sally couldn't find her purse.  She was asked insulting questions about bras & make-up in space.  People became focused on her reproductive organs & whether or not she could have children if she went to space.

The triumph of her accomplishment lost on caveman and soccer mom like thinking.

It wasn't lost on me though.  I would hear the name Sally Ride & be filled with pride.  I would see her & see myself.  She didn't cake on make-up.  She didn't have to wear a dress.  She didn't get the fuss about being the first woman to do this or that.  She just wanted to fly.  To be out there.

And she did.  She didn't let all that mindless crap get to her.  She was living the dream.

You would be hard pressed to find a picture of Sally Ride not smiling.

The only ones would be when she sat on either shuttle accident panel.  She wasn't smiling then because she was serious and angry about the mistakes & carelessness.  She fought hard for every single shred of information.  She cared deeply about the space program & knew we could do better.

The last shuttle launch was a year ago this month.

Today is another hero of mine's birthday.  Amelia Earhart.

I'm not sure what little girls have to look forward to today.  Who their heroes are.  They will be hard-pressed to have one as great as Sally Ride.

Thanks Sally.  For just being you. 

Unofficial Spartacus Figure

CM Toys has a Roman Gladiator figure that looks a whole lot like Andy Whitfield's version of Spartacus.  I mean, dead on perfect.  So, if you're a Sparty fan like myself, well, you're gonna want to grab one of these.  It's likely to be the only Andy version of Spartacus you will ever see.

Here's a video review

I found a great website you can order from here: 7 Hobby 
or you can get him over on Amazon or Ebay.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Talking Robot Devil

Hmm...this blog is a little Futurama heavy lately isn't it?  Oh well, that's awesome, right!?  Today I have the newest talking Futurama figure to share with you!  The 9" figure has bend-able arms & legs & says 12 unique phrases voiced by Dan Castellaneta.  He is produced by Toynami and is expected to be released in mass sometime this Fall.  More than likely September.  When all the leaves begin to fall gently to the earth.

The price varies from $24.99 on up, depending on who you get it from.  Entertainment Earth has it up for pre-order right now!

Next up is T-shirts!  Futurama T-shirts!  The first being from a scene where they re-imagined the show as a silent early cartoon in the same vein as Mickey Mouse's Steamboat Willy or Betty Boop.  Anyway, I loved it & they put it on a shirt!

It comes in Junior sizes as well as men's sizes.  Amazon has them.  They are produced by Ripple Junction.
Price varies from $17.95 on up.

Then there's this shirt!  

How awesome is that shirt?  
Amazon & Entertainment Earth have both shirts.  Both around $18.00.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Futurama

Woo-hoo!  They're back.  Again!

Episode 1: Bots & the Bees

I love the way it started.  With the Meme.  Then the Bat-signal like projection.

Wanda Sykes as the beverage machine was awesome.  Great one liners.  "I was wondering who Shrekked in the Toilet" or "It's a grower, not a show-er"!  Funny!

Making fun of current social issues like breast-feeding & sex education & parental rights.  Nice!  That's my old school Futurama!!!

Episode 2:  Farewell to Arms

  Social commentary on global climate change, the Mayan Calendar hoo-haw & the quest for Fry to get his lucky (only) pants back.  Nixon's Head makes an appearance as well as Zapp.  Hooray!

"I wish I could remember with my boobs." - Fry

So far this season is rockin'...like Dokken!  That's good.  Old school Metal rocks.

That's all I have for now.  I'll update you on more episodes as I get to them!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Problem with Yoda

In the original trilogy Yoda had a bit of an attitude that bothered me.  The fact that he wanted Luke to murder his Father bothered me as well.  I could never rectify my feelings for the little green guy.  I mean, he trained Luke.  Begrudgingly, but he did.  He explained the Force & Jedi.  He also told Luke to let his friends die & kill his Dad.  

Once the Prequels were complete & I watched Star Wars as a Saga & I was finally able to decide exactly how I felt about the green guy.

Sure, there are problems with the prequels.  Be honest though.  The originals aren't perfect.  Lucas was obviously trying to say something with the character of Yoda. Something he felt didn't get through the first time round. He was trying to portray a part of society.  He was telling us something.  Something that rings true in our society today. 

Yoda not only represents a teacher, he also represents the pope or the Dali Llama, or any other religious Leader.  He is who the whole of the Jedi look to.  He is the eldest elder & the head of the Jedi council.  He is also the oldest character in the Saga save the Sarlacc.  The changes in the Jedi order has changed drastically.  Under his leadership, the Jedi went from being a religious order in harmony with the Force to soldiers in a political fight.  Jedi became part of the political system.  Yoda even wanted Anakin to be a spy. A political spy for their religious order.

Think about that.  

Yoda's smug know-it-all attitude & entrance into the political arena is what helped bring about the downfall of the Jedi.  His rigid adherence to tradition while at the same time transforming the Jedi into political soldiers which was completely against everything the Jedi were about.  That and his FEAR.  

 He preached about not allowing fear to control you, but what was it that kept him from allowing Anakin to be trained properly?  It was fear, wasn't it?  Fear that he was more than could be controlled?  Fear that perhaps he would become greater than Yoda himself?  Thank the Force that Luke did not listen to Yoda.  He saved his friends, learned to use the Force, and redeemed Anakin through Love, not by killing him like Yoda instructed.

I know a whole lot of people hate Lucas for the Prequels.  I feel for them.  The story has been enriched.  The social commentary so incredible mirrors what is happening right in front of us here in the USA & all over the world.  As religion tries to force it's way into politics we see more hatred arise.  We see more violence.  More people pull away from it.  It fails.

Yoda was wise.  He was also flawed, as are we all.  He refused to see what was in front of him, was afraid & ultimately made decisions & influenced the council in decisions that led to the end of the Jedi.  His friends were murdered.  Jedi were hunted down & slaughtered.  All of them. Okay, most all of them.

So, yeah...there you have it.  Yoda was an old hard-headed misguided fearful yet powerful dude.  I, myself, will be following Master Luke Skywalker's example of leading by compassion.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vegan Black Metal Chef

Possibly the cheesiest most hilarious thing I have ever seen on the net.  I love it.  Oh, and dude's recipes are pretty awesome.  For realz.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Do you LOVE food?

Even the craziest action figure collector or painter or lover has to occasionally stop & eat.  If you want to know the best places & the yummiest stuff to eat, please go follow THIS amazing food blog!


The author even has a FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/authorJenElsner

She is also the person that cooks most of my meals!  Hooray!  So I know she knows what she's talking about.

Thanks for all your support!

Exclusive Librarian. Jedi Librarian!

Librarians are heroes.  When I was a youngling growing up in the "City of Springs" I was inspired by the use of the public library.  The librarians never failed to help me smuggle that perfect book out.  Much of my early childhood was spent at special events at the library.  It was nice to get out of the trailer park in the summer.

Librarians don't make it into films too often, but Star Wars included one.  The Jedi had a huge library.  All the knowledge of the past was kept there.  True, the librarian in the film was a bit snooty & a know-it-all, but that was just to show how smug the Jedi had become, not really a reflection on Librarians.

Brian's Toys has a pre-order for an exclusive Jocasta Nu figure right now!  Jocasta is the Librarian we see in the Star Wars Saga!  Awesome!

These are limited, so go get yours today.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Comic Con is ON, ya'll!

It's that time again kids!  Comic Con!  I am again, not there.  : (  One day.  Of course, I've heard a lot about how it's just a big merchandise venue now & no longer about comics & the comic writers & artists.  That's a little sad.  It is about the action figures though!  I've already seen a whole slew of awesome things being prepped & displayed.  I will update this post with exciting new awesomeness the rest of this week and into the weekend.

I can already show you a few things I've come across!

(photo by Michael Crawford via Sith_fire30 Creations)

The pic above is a Sideshow Collectibles 1:6 scale Darth Malgus!

I've also learned that the Science Channel is going to film the Firefly panel at SDCC and turn it into a Documentary called "Browncoats Unite" and that it will be aired November 11, 2012 as part of an all day Firefly marathon on the Science Channel.

Very cool.

Quantum Mechanix has a beautiful Enterprise D that are showing off.  It's all glowy.

Thinkgeek announced Portal 2 guns.

Then there's this:

Drool.  From Sideshow.
And this:

Also from Sideshow.  Pictures provided via Yodanews.com.

So yeah.  So far, some amazing stuff.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

That Metal Show Cult & Doro Pesch Episode

Get More: 
That Metal Show

I have to say I was quite disappointed at the lack of any serious questions to Doro.  


Flicker App for the Android OS: http://www.flickr.com/services/apps/72157623092837878/

I haven't downloaded it yet.  When I do, I will let you know how well I think it works.

According to the Flickr page: "Before you can start you have to allow Flickroid to connect to your flickr account. Flickroid will now open a browser where you have to login in flickr.com. After that, Flickroid starts again and you can upload your photo.
"Luckily, you have to do this only once!"
The reviews on Flickr are good.  Some video issues with size.  Otherwise looks great!
Oh, and hey...don't forget to go check out new photos of my work & life over at my Flickr.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Strange Dream

I dreamed I was in this roadside trinket store.  It was like a convenience store, but had more stuff.  Like a convenience store/flea market.  Near the back, and to the right were a row of statues.  I picked one up to feel it.  I couldn't tell what it was made of.  It felt cold, like some sort of stone, but was light like it was made of a Plasticine clay.  It was a faux bronze with lots of patima. It looked Indian or oriental.  It was labeled Vinsu or Visnu.  It felt good in my hands.  It had lots of ornaments or decorations or details poking out of it.  I squeezed it to feel them in my palms.  I kept rolling it around in my hands and squeezing the statue tightly in my grip.  It calmed me.  Made me feel peaceful. I put it down and browsed more of the store.  I thought about how much my best friend Chris would like this store.  It was filled with unusual stuff.  Especially for this part of the USA.  Somewhere in the midwest.  It's like T and Amy and Cindy and I were on a road trip.  Scooters and Motorcycles.  I couldn't concentrate on any of this stuff though.  I looked back at Visnu.

I was drawn back to it.  I needed to hold it again.  Feel it in my hands.  Feel the calm.  The peace.  I read the name again. Vinsu or Visnu.  It was important that I remember the name.  I wanted to take it with me.  I told myself I didn't need it.  I put it back.  I walked away & tried to browse again, but I kept looking at it.  

There was a whole shelf full of them.  I kept telling myself that it was just a cheap Plasticine statue I didn't need, but I found myself once more standing there holding it.  I was on my motorcycle & had no room for it. I didn't need it.  I held it one last time.  Studying it.  Put it back & left.

So, when I woke up, I looked up Vinsu.  Vinsu led me to this: 

En İyi Şalgam Suyu Vinsu Sena Gıda'da from stockexport on Vimeo.

Um, okay.  Weird.  I don't think that was anything related to what I was dreaming about.  Well, what if I switch Vinsu to Visnu?  

Ah, there we go.  Visnu = Vishnu 

Wow.  Cool.  Lord Vishnu was in my dreams.

Vishnu represents the Supreme Reality that sustains and preserves the Universe.


Thank you Vishnu, for the peace.

What Freedom Looks Like

NSFW unless of course, you work for yourself or don't give a crap, like me.

I've said it before & I'll say it again.  Amanda Palmer is awesome.  Break those boundaries!  Screw labels!

Call her what you will.  I call her bold.  Truthful.  Honest.  Artist.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Friday, July 06, 2012

MRI and Some X-rays

I get to go have an MRI today.  Apparently the doctor thinks I have a stress fracture in my leg.  They don't show up well on X-rays.  I had those yesterday.  Nothing appeared.

Pretty nice looking leg though, ey?  Look at that perfect patella! Pretty cool.

I won't lie, I'm pretty anxious about the MRI.  Mostly about the cost.  I have pretty good insurance provided by my work, but insurance companies don't like MRI's I guess.  I guess doctors use them more than insurance companies want them to.  I'm glad they are being thorough though.  I mean, if it is a stress fracture and I just kept working out, I could snap my leg.  Ouch!

If it isn't a stress fracture, then it's something else.  An MRI will show that as well.

MRI's are magnetic.  MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  In basic terms, it magnetizes all your atoms and causes them to spin the way they want in order to shoot radio waves at them to get an image back.  Weird.  I've never been magnetized before.  Maybe I'll get super powers.

How did I do this?  Funny story.  Apparently by running & working out to hard.  Yep, deciding to get in shape has now sidelined me.  I haven't stopped though.  No leg exercises, but I still managed my crunches last night as well as my bicep, tricep & bench press routine..  I'm determined.  I want that 6 pack back.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

New Blind Bag Ponies!

How fun is it to NOT know what is in that $2.99 package you just bought.  Apparently a whole lot of fun.  Hasbro is releasing two different blind bag My Little Pony waves in 2012.

Wave 3 is the Purple bags & they include special Glowing or "glowy" versions of Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and a new regular version of Big MacIntosh!  I <3 Big Mac!

Wave 4 is in the Blue Bags featuring Rarity.  Wave 4 is all crystal or clear glitter-filled ponies with Metallic versions of Rarity, Applejack & Pinkie Pie.  

There is a fabulous Blind Bag Pony resource guide here: http://www.strawberryreef.com/Index/G4/IndexBB.html

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Disney Grand Jester Polystone Busts

Newest in the line of Disney ENESCO Grand Jester Polystone mini busts is Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  Sideshow Collectibles has her right now for $64.99. You can also find her on Ebay & Amazon.com.  

The companion piece to this is one of the Beast.

Make sure to check out some of the awesome ones from the past as well.  You can find them on Ebay or Amazon sometimes.

This one is sold out on Sideshow's page.

From the Little Mermaid!

From Tron!

These busts are really cool!  

Monday, July 02, 2012

Game of Thrones Stuff

I have not seen this television series yet.  I hear it mentioned almost daily.  I once sat at a table with it's creator, George R.R. Martin at a Beauty & the Beast Convention in Austin Texas in 1993.  He was funny & helped Edward Albert Jr. & David Schwartz steal secure the table center piece for me.  I still have it.

I'm not talking about Beauty & the Beast though.  I'm talking about "Game of Thrones".  It debuted on HBO on April 7, 2011 & since has swept across fanville.  It was first a book series entitled "A Song of Ice & Fire" & you can still grab a copy at your local book seller or on Amazon.  According to the internets, the TV series has stayed true & loyal to the book series.

Also I hear the series is full of naked people.  Lots of boobies.  So, if you like boobies, and who doesn't, go check it out on HBO.  It also has swords & sword fighting & Sean Bean, Lena Heady, Jason Momoa, Peter Dinklage, & Maisie Williams.

Here's a trailer for Season 1:

Well, whenever you get a large fanbase, merchandise is sure to follow.  So, here is some of the stuff I've come across for "Game of Thrones".

Coaster Set #1

Coaster set #2


The Throne Statue

All of these items are available on Entertainment Earth's site.

So, if you are a fan, go check them out.