Thursday, June 21, 2012

Virtual Pinball

(photo by HeyRocker)

If you know me at all, you know I love pinball.  Pinball is one of life's greatest inventions.  The sounds, colors, & feel of a pinball machine are something I know for a fact I will never get enough of in this life.  Ever since video games appeared to challenge the pinball machine, some game developer somewhere has tried to create a virtual version of the table.  It never worked.  The tables just didn't look real, the angles on the screen were all wrong, the noises weren't right & it just didn't even come close to being anything like pinball.

Still,  when a new video game version of Pinball comes out I get curious.  The latest one made me really curious.  It had all the greatest pinball companies tables all in one game.  Bally, Williams, Gottlieb, Stern & more.  I was happy to come across a free Demo in the Playstation Store!

 OMG guys!  They did it!  They finally did it!  This game is amazing!  It FEELS like real pinball.  Well, minus the hip action.  The boards are real pinball reproductions.  The game gives you the history of the board.  Who made it.  How many were made.  How popular it was.  It has REAL pinball sounds.  The machine plays just like it would if you were standing in front of the real deal.  The angles are also like you are standing over the actual machine!  Perfection!  Not only that, but the company that makes this game is determined to release a new board every month.  A classic beloved pinball game added every single month!

Oh, yes.  I MUST have this game. Pinball Arcade.  Did I mention it's only $9.99 to download on the Playstation Store?  I know!  Amazing!  Here's a video of the demo I played.  See for yourself.

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