Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Holy crap kids!  Lita Ford has a brand new album out!  You heard me!  Lita Ford!  The Queen of Metal!  Yes, I said Queen.  Doro is the Goddess.  Get it straight.  Amazon has it up for $7.99.  Not only that, but they have preview songs up, so you can check the songs out.  I-tunes also has it with extra songs for $10.99.  Let me tell you kids, she's rockin'!  Man, I've missed Lita.  She was one of my first crushes.  My Mother hated her song "Kiss Me Deadly".  HATED it.  I used to play the crap outta that song.  LOL.  Her new album is getting great reviews.  I cannot wait to get my hands on this!  I also can't wait to see her at the Zoo Amp in August.  I got to see her a couple of years ago.  It was pouring rain & lightning all around & she was on stage playing "Close My Eyes Forever".  That was pretty frakkin' awesome.

Guess who else has a new album out?!  L.A. Guns.  Oh yeah.  Love me some Guns!  It's also getting great reviews!  Amazon has it for $8.99 & also has tracks you can preview.  They sound fantastic.  I will definitely be picking this one up as well.

But wait, that's not all!  There's more old school Metal headed your way!  Europe also has a new one!  Yep,  Europe.  I know!?  Crazy right!?  Crazy awesome!

It's $16.99 (import) and unfortunately does not have previews on Amazon.  However, it's not even available on I-tunes.  Um, Europe, you sort of need to catch up with the times guys.  At least they have a Facebook page.  

Wait though, there's more!  No seriously!  More Metal!  

New Great White.  I know!  What!?  Yep.  New lead singer with the band now.  Unfortunately jack was having all sorts of issues & just couldn't put a solid performance together.  The new sound is actually a little more to my liking.  Many hardcore Great White fans aren't going to like the change in lead singers, but hey, it's not the bands fault Jack can't perform.  These guys are musicians.  It's how they pay their bills.  They can't let one member of the band screw that up.  Hopefully Jack will pull it together someday.  $12.19 for the album or $8.99 for the download on Amazon, plus you can preview the songs as well.

Oh, and here's a Youtube Video of one of the songs for you!

I'm not done yet.  On no.  One of my guilty pleasure favorite hairbands is back  Trixter.  These guys haven't lost a thing.  This new album sounds awesome.  There was always something Southern Rock-ish sounding about these guys that I like.  I know, they're from Jersey.  Their sound isn't.

$15.43 for the CD on Amazon or $8.99 for the download,  $9.99 on I-tunes.  

And that kids, is all I have for now.  There is more on the way.  The goddess herself, Doro, has a new one out in August/September.

\m/ Metal Forever! \m/

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