Thursday, May 31, 2012


 I love Baseball!  I mean it.  Baseball is by far my favorite sport.  After I cut off the cable, decided not to renew the satellite & discovered the antenna in the attic, our choices of baseball games was down to little or nothing.  I'm not a huge Texas Rangers fan & the St. Louis Cardinals aren't really up my alley. So, I found a fantastic alternative through my Playstation 3.  MLB.TV.  Baseball 24/7.  Baseball through the Playstation & when I'm not there, I can access it through my work computer, or other computers anywhere as well as having access to scores & live updates & highlight videos through my phone.  I now get all my New York Mets games as well as my San Francisco Giants.  Normally this service costs $125.00, but all of my blog readers can click this link:  and you will get it for only $109.99!

I will let you know that when games are broadcast on Fox, you have to wait 90 minutes before you can view them, but I haven't run into that problem often & when I did, I did wait & then just play the game later.

You can pause games, replay anything exciting you want to see again, and even choose which commentators you want to hear.  When it comes to the SF Giants & New York Mets, the commentators make a huge difference in the fun of the game.  Those guys are hilarious!  It's nice to know I don't have to listen to the drab commentators from the Dodgers...ever.

So, go here:  and sign up & save!

It's totally worth it if you love baseball!


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