Thursday, May 24, 2012

I had ANOTHER vacation!

Wow!  Two vacations in one year!  It's a miracle of epic proportions!  Anyway, I'm back & re-energized & recharged!   I went to Kansas City, MO to the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! Convention.  It was amazing.

I learned so much & met some really cool people.  I'm adding tons of artists to the artist's list to the right.  Make sure to check them out.

One of the coolest artist there was Thomas Kuebler.  I had T pose with one of his creations.  He found this amazing trunk at a flea market/antique store & decided he had to sculpt this amazingly real looking gypsy to go inside.  It was creepy & cool & awesome all at the same time.  I've never thought about owning this type of art, but I tell you what, I'd love to have that gypsy.

Our wonderful friend Cindy let us stay at her house in Kansas City while we were there.  That was really nice. We didn't have to worry about maid service or leaving stuff that might get swiped.  She took us around the night before the con so that we wouldn't be completely lost.  We found the Starbucks the first day on our own.  No matter what, we can always find the Starbucks.

Cindy left us alone in her house while she drove back to the Tulsa area to attend a family graduation.  We got up each morning, headed for coffee, then to the conference, where our heads were filled with magic, then back home to discuss all the awesome.

Cindy returned Sunday, while we were still arting it up, and then took us out to a fancy dinner.  Monday, we went to Union Station, a historic restored train station, the Nelson Sculpture Garden & some really great eating places.

So a million thank you's to Cindy for her hospitality.  Thank you Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! for coming to the Midwest, so that I could attend & learn.  Thank you to Turayis for being a great navigator, except for the misses exit at Big Cabin.  Oh well, i always wanted to go to Claremore, Home of Will Rogers.

I think we've got at least one more vacation in us.  We have a great concert in August!  Now to the drawing board...literally...ha!

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