Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Hot Toys Sixth Scale Thor

Wow!  The Avengers Film did exactly what I thought it would.  Kicked ass at the box office!  Over 200 million dollars opening weekend.  Internationally, this film has already made over $500 million dollars!  Awesome.  I haven't made it to the theater yet to see it.  Hopefully sometime in the next three or four days!

Avengers collectibles are sure to start flooding the market.  I've got one of the best ones right here.  Hot Toys, maker of incredibly amazing sculpts of you favorite heroes, has just released  their THOR sixth scale Movie Masterpiece Limited Edition figure for $199.99.

The amount of amazing detail & the materials that Hot Toys use to make the skin texture look so life-like make these the best sculpts on the market.  This figure has over 30 points of articulation, three pairs of changeable palms, a detachable red cape, figure stand with nameplate.  I can't find anywhere that a helmet is included though.  Some pictures show him wearing one, but it is not included in the descriptions.  It's possible they decided against the helmet later on in production.  That seems strange though.

You won't need to spend a dime on any other Thor figure if you spend the $199.99 on this one.  If you purchase it through Sideshow, you can use their payment plan & pay $50.00 a month instead of the big lump sum.

The artists that worked on this Thor figure were: Kojun (Sculpt) and JC Hong (Paint)

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