Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Darth Maul Mythos

Sideshow can't stop making Darth Maul statues that I want.  Every time they put one out I drool over it & then faint from the price.  Now, sculpting isn't an easy thing & poly-stone statues require a whole lot of sculpting, mold-making, etc.  It's a delicate & long process to create these things.  I get the cost.  It's nice to create art & get paid for it, & Sideshow has some really great sculptors working for them.  Their newest Darth Maul statue is inspired by the Star Wars Tale 'Nameless'.

This statue stands 18" high x 9.5" Wide & 9.5" Long
It weighs in at about 10 lbs.  
It comes with two different heads with different expressions.  One is a menacing expression & the other is the one you see above.  He has two sets of hands, one set has a hand holding a lightsaber & one set has one holding a staff.  

This statue is in 1:5 scale.  It is listed as limited edition, although the edition size has yet to be determined.  The release date is set for October 2012 & the price is listed at $249.99 with a payment plan option of $50.00 a month.  You could have it paid off before you get it!

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