Monday, March 19, 2012

The Sami Sisters

I love good, fun, pop music. The world has gotten way to serious for my tastes. I blame the 90's. And Hipsters. And the religious reicht.

So, when I find something that seems to capture the essence of just good music & fun rhythms, I like to share. Seems like I really like what is coming out of New Zealand. You've heard me mention Ladyhawke before, and these gals, of Irish & Indian descent, were born & raised as kiwis as well.

They write songs & play their own instruments. That's enough to blow a religious reicht republicans head right off! Women who can play instruments & write songs!? Luckily they are in New Zealand where women are still free to do that sort of thing.

Here they are live:

and in a Red Bull thing here:

They have a webpage here: Sami Sisters Home

They have a Facebook here: Sami Sisters

Youtube here: Sami Sisters Youtube

No Twitter yet though.

Go check them out. Some fun cool tunes to relax & enjoy!

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