Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Ravenclaw Shirt

Ravenclaw. I never read all the Harry Potter books, but I have made up fabulous stories in my head about Ravenclaw.

Ravenclaw has always been the house that I would hope that hat would sort me into.

Why? Well, as I said, I have made up my own little stories about Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw, in my mind, is the place all the artists hang out. If you have any artistic skill, that hat is going to put you into Ravenclaw.

Ravenclaw is the house that you sneak out of at night & go around behind the "dorms" and smoke. Someone in Ravenclaw has a hookah pipe in their room. Some Ravenclaws ride motorcycles. All the misfits, most mudbloods, and the weird kids would get sorted into Ravenclaw.

Of course, that's all in my head. None of that was ever in the stories. However, I myself, do own a Ravenclaw shirt. Now Thinkgeek has another one! $19.99 & the shirt that appears in this post is all yours. Well, plus the shipping & stuff. Head over to Thinkgeek & snag one!

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