Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot Topic & Sailor Moon

I love me some Sailor Moon! When Xena went off the air, I quickly searched around for something, anything to take my mind off the painful ending of my hero. I had already become a huge Anime fan through shows like Gatchaman, Robotech, Starblazers, Project A-Ko and more. I can't remember what channel it was that started showing Sailor Moon, maybe Cartoon Network, but I was hooked.

Of course I'm a big original language subtitle kinda girl. No dubs for me. So once I decided I loved it, I was off in search of uncut, undubbed versions. I learned early on what America does to Anime & I knew Sailor Moon was better than what I was getting to see on American TV. I wasn't wrong. Especially when it came to Haruka & Michiru. T & I were on the edge of our seats & soaked in tears at one point. I'm not even kidding. Sailor Moon Super had us. 100%.

It's been a while since Sailor Moon has come & gone. I miss it. T & I started watching the series again a couple weeks ago. I realized I was missing the movies that come between each series. BAH! How did I do that?!? Then I remembered...I had them once. On VHS. Crap in a hat.

So I started looking around. That's when I discovered an exciting line of Sailor Moon apparel at Hot Topic. Yep, clothes, bags & belts all with the Pretty Sailor Soldier herself! Awesome sauce!

So, I am passing on the info to you. Sailor Moon at the Hot Topic. Get it quick because Hot Topic merch changes fast.

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Turayis said...

OMG! I want Sailor Moon crap that I don't need, yet can't live without!!!

We must go shopping. That's all there is to it.