Monday, December 05, 2011


Hello viewers! Welcome back. Here at Art, Love & Action Figures we have been experiencing the bacterial infection from hell for nearly a month. It has been traded back & forth, subsided & then returned like a screaming Valkyrie from Vahalla. While I feel better than I did last Thursday, Friday & Saturday, I have learned that the nasty little bugger might just be laying another clever trap for me, or it knows it doesn't have to work as hard to destroy me, since the old people faculty do a great job of that themselves here at my j.o.b., and that it will make another victorious return & try to conquer me once & for all. It's been quite the battle. I'm exhausted.

To make matter worse, my sweet puppy is also sick.

She went to the vet today. I am anxiously awaiting results.

So, if you've noticed a lack of Action Figure related posts lately, now you have an explanation. As soon as I can kick this things ass, my puppy is all fixed up, and my house is in order, I promise I'll be right back to posting as much as I can.

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