Monday, October 10, 2011

New Dark Crystal Merchandise

Not only does Knucklebonz Products put out Rock god statues, but they also have some sweet limited edition Dark Crystal sculptures coming out. The first one shown here is the Jen statue as he prepares to heal the Dark Crystal with the crystal shard. Limited to 3000 pieces, this statue can be pre-ordered from the Knucklebonz Products homepage for $124.00. I didn't see a size on this statue anywhere on their page.

The next Dark Crystal statue is of Kira & Jen. Kira sacrificed herself to help Jen in his quest & this statue is from the moment right after the scene represented by the first statue. I also did not see a size on this statue, but it is also limited to 3000 pieces & runs $149.00 on the Knucklebonz Products homepage & is available now for Pre-order. There is no release date for either statue at this point.

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