Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The ENTIRE Jem Series on DVD! Outrageous!

Finally, all 65 episodes of Jem in one place! Rhino Entertainment had released 3 sets prior to SHOUT releasing this boxed set, but Rhino never finished out the series. Finally, not only do you get all 65 episodes in one box set, but this box set is also loaded with extras!

There are a few issues with the new set however. Apparently, past the third season, the master tapes sat on the shelf for 25 years untouched. SHOUT did what they could, but the quality is still less than perfect. Still, at least they are out there. Hopefully in the future, if sales are good, they can clean them up a little more.

Amazon.com has the box set ready to purchase right now here: JEM

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