Friday, September 23, 2011

Not Saints...and Certainly Not Angels

Charlies Angels, a reboot of the 70's show, premiered last night on ABC at 7pm central. Drew Barrymore produced so I had somewhat elevated expectations. They lost me in the first 5 minutes. Bad dialogue, horrible direction, cardboard characters & a lousy plot. Sure, the 70's show wasn't brainy, but it had something. Something besides pretty chics kicking butt. Honestly, these girls looked like they needed to taken to an all you can eat buffet & kept there for a couple days. Eat something for god's sake & keep it down! These girls are extremely cliquey & unlikable. The script was juvenile, the technology they were supposed to be using was laughable, and seriously...the girls were really unlikable, save the Eve character. Even Eve's character felt tied up & not allowed to really break through & make us care. I know, it's the first episode, but it's a bad sign when your very first episode is lame & had to be re-written once just to get it to the point it was. Which was still lame. I won't be returning for episode two.

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