Thursday, September 08, 2011

New Gauntlets & Fighting Through

Writing is tough. Writing is hard. Writing takes a whole mess of energy. Writing is scary. Writing is exciting. Writing is jumping into the vastness of the universe & going with it. Writing is letting go of control & letting creativity control you. Writing is something I can do & T can do better.
It's something that ANYONE can do, but the above mentioned things are reasons people don't.

The Xena finale really made it hard to keep going. There was the realization that what we had come up with wasn't working now. We panicked. We felt lost. We almost gave up. Then we got over it. Mostly because we had to. T made a commitment for class. So we watched the first episode again.

We kept thinking about the show. Talking about it. What we loved & what it meant to us. Then we realized that it meant many of the same things to everyone else. The campy fun of it, the deep serious moments, the incredible things that that team were able to put on the small screen that had never been done before & honestly, haven't been done since. The love. Oh, yeah, the love! That's why we wanted to do it! It made us laugh & cry & touched us to the very core of our being.

Then our 2nd official Xena Prop came in the mail. A pair of screen used gauntlets from the episode "Remember Nothing". Perfect timing.

See this pic below? See the baddies gauntlets? Yep, that's them. Cool.

See that dude (Maphias) helping Xena in the pic below? See his gauntlets? Yep, same ones! So cool.

It hit us like a bolt of lightning from Zeus himself. Our story DID still work! We just needed to move some things around & change a couple of perspectives, but the whole of the plot was really good & could still stay intact. What we were missing, really, was all the campy fun. The last two episodes were so serious that we let that bleed into our story. But really, is anyone that loved Xena going to want to see that? Or, do they want to see what made them love her in the first place? And for that matter, isn't that what WE want to see? Well, of course it is! Duh!

So, we're off again with a happier disposition & the passion we had before. Battle on Xena! We will bring you back.


Chris said...

Season 2, Episode 15: A Day in the Life was hi-larious, and one of my favorites so far.

Jen Tucker said...

It is rated the #1 fan favorite of all time. I still love "When Fates Collide" the best myself. Are you watching them all? If so, I am so excited by this I can barely stand it. "For Him the Bell Tolls" is a turkey. I think it's next. Still, there's some great Gabby in it. No Xena though. Not to speak of anyway.

Chris said...

Yes, gods help me, I'm watching them all, and actually enjoying them (or most of them anyway). Aw, I liked "For Him the Bell Tolls". I'm on Season 2, Episode 20: The Price. I've just been watching 2 or 3 episodes a day, so this is going to take awhile.

Jen Tucker said...

LOL. You liked that one!? Naw, it wasn't too bad I guess. There are some bad ones. You'll be lucky to make it through season 5. It's soooo awful. Glad to hear you are enjoying it, for the most part. :) Not everyone is into campy humor.