Thursday, August 04, 2011

Seriously!? THIS rocks.

So, I am getting more magazine requests & many that promise to do an article themselves on the Warrior Princess. T's is amazed. We have to laugh a little because she is the Professional Writer & I am the Professional Artist. She has had great success with selling her art & now I'm getting paid to write.

The Xena 2011 Movie Campaign FB Page administrators wrote me a really nice e-mail thanking me for my efforts. I feel I've made some friends. It's really amazing. I'm working hard, having fun, & doing something I believe in. Pretty freakin' sweet.

You know, THIS is really going to happen.


Chris said...

You know how people say you should do what you love, follow your bliss, and the rest will follow? It's a hard thing to do, but I love it when it happens, when it proves itself right. You're the right person for this!

ChromePlatedGirl said...

Totally rocks.
You have to use all your power to get me a part in that movie!!!

ChromePlatedGirl said...

A part kissing Bruce Campbell.