Thursday, August 11, 2011

Leela & Leela & a River.

First off, Happy Birthday to my sweet dog Leela. She officially turned 4 on Aug. 9, 2011. She is the best dog EVER!

Secondly, AWESOME!!! Underground Toys made a Leela action figure! No, not of my dog, of Leela from Doctor Who! Apparently this was one of the San Deigo Comic Con Exclusives!

Leela is 5" & comes with an array of weapons. Right now, Entertainment Earth has managed to snag up a few & they are asking $30.99 ea. for them.

Oh, but there's more! There is another San Diego Comic Con figure that I know you want. They also made my other favorite companion of all time. River Song!!! Not just River Song, but River Song with the Pandorica chair! She is much harder to get hold of though. You can find her on Ebay at anywhere from $40 to $70 bucks.

Don't forget, New Doctor Who episodes start in two weeks!


Turayis said...

I HAVE to have a River Song!

Cindy said...

OK, now the River Song is just fucking awesome.