Tuesday, July 05, 2011

What I Need From You

Hello my beautiful blog readers. Today I send out a request for help. I am going to attempt something different with my art. Now, to do this I need your help. If you are reading this, in one way or another, our lives have crossed or intersected.

I am going to start a piece called "The Tapestry of the Fates". What I need from you is simple. I need each & everyone of you to send me a thread, or a ribbon (keep it at about 1/4 of an inch or smaller), or a piece of string, or some twine. Anything that you feel like is a material that the Fates would have used to weave the story of your life. Put it in an envelope & send it to me here:

Art, Love & Action Figures
P.O. Box 1332
Norman, OK 73070-1332

The more I get, the bigger the piece will be.

Thanks for your help!

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