Friday, July 01, 2011

Documentary Heaven... Literally.

Okay, first off I'm a geek. We all know this. It has been established. With that, you shouldn't find it surprising that I absolutely adore Documentaries. With the recent interest in poisoned food, the economy & politics, it's often hard to find documentaries on any thing else. If you do, they usually turn out to be some sort of new age spiritual crap full of people that have been taking other peoples money for years. I like to think of them as the new gypsies.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I "stumbled" across a website called Documentary Heaven. It's an entire website devoted to Documentaries. Old ones, new ones, and all for free. Most of them are exactly what I've been looking for, and NOT the stuff I've been finding every where else! I am so excited! I want to share with you the first one I watched below.

Ball Of Light from Sam Collins on Vimeo.

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