Monday, June 27, 2011

San Diego Comic Con 2011

Comic Con is coming up July 21-24, 2011. Want to know about exclusives? Well, you've come to the right place. Let's start with Sideshow Collectibles.

Sideshow is offering up:

Cobra Ninja Viper 1/6 scale figure

AVP Predator Mask Set

Clone Commander 1/6 scale figure

Iron Man Bust Set

Iron Man Mark IV Secret Project 1/6 scale figure

The Iron Man Mark IV Secret Project figure has already sold out, but you can add your name to the waitlist & there is an excellent chance you'll get one. It's what i did with the 1/6 scale Han & Luke in Stormtrooper disguise figs a couple years ago & I actually got them!

Next up is Gentle Giant:

In the video we see:

a Suckerpunch Babydoll Mini Bust

McQuarrie Stormtrooper Mini Bust

12" Vintage style Jawa with Vinyl cape

Captain America Mini Bust

Neville Longbottom Mini Bust

For you Doctor Who fans, BifBangPow! have a few exclusives and more listed over at Entertainment Earth's site. They are:

Bif Bang Pow! – Doctor Who 8inch Master and Cyberleader

Doctor Who 8inch 4th Doctor + Sontaran

Doctor Who TARDIS bobble

As well as:

Icons of the Twilight Zone Bobble,

Lost Polar Bear Bobble Head,

Venture Bros. Rusty and Jonas Venture Sr. with tin tote,

Dexter 3 3/4″ figure

Twilight Zone 8inch Bob Wilson / Don Carter 2pack

Get this, even Hallmark is getting in on the action with:

an exclusive Dengar & IG-88 2 pack


Comic Book Guy (simpsons)

Apparently they have in the past, I just didn't know.

Hasbro & G.I. Joe fans should love this 3 3/4" Zarana (shown above) that comes in two different styles.

Hasbro is also offering:

Starscream SkyStriker with Cobra Commander Pilot

Marvel exclusives included:

Mini-Muggs Avengers Set – Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man, Captain America, Iron Man

Giant Carded Sentinel Figure

Marvel Legends Thor

Then we move to Transformers which will include:

Prime Deluxe Optimus Prime with Matrix

Movie version Optimus Prime Ultimate edition

By far my favorite thing so far is this next offering from Hasbro:

A Revenge of the Jedi 12 figure set in Death Star package. How cool is that?

There are tons more exclusives & I will try to get another post out with more very shortly, but I think I hit the big ones in this one. Stay tuned!

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