Monday, June 20, 2011

Green Lantern. Meh.

This is my review of Green Lantern. If you haven't seen the film from Warner Bros., please do not read any further. Spoilers sweetie.

Let me start with the problems. First problem, dumb human bad guy. As in dumb concept or execution. Not only was it completely corny, hokey, & unnecessary, it also caused a problem. Let me back up a bit here.

We are introduced to a nerdy guy who is a brilliant scientist. He lives alone, presumably because he is too nerdy to love. His Father, the Senator, is both embarrassed & ashamed to have a scientist for a son. The hot chick in the film apparently knows him from school & seems uncomfortable talking to him, and our hero, GL, doesn't show any emotion toward him one way or the other until a battle. His students have no respect for him even though he teaches what appears to be a college freshman level class. This is a huge mistake to make in a comic film. Making fun of a nerdy scientist? Honestly, the guy seems like a pretty nice guy, trying to make his way in the world. He is infected with yellow energy after his daddy manages to pull some strings to get him in a special group studying the alien body. The special group seems to consist of him & Angela Bassett. No one else. Weak. Eventually, the guy goes mad with yellow energy. His head swells up & he eventually looks like he has a giant brain. Well, of course he does, right? Scientist = giant brain. Ugh. So, giant brain, lonely, nerdy scientist who has gone mad tries to kill everyone in the film. For no real reason. The yellow energy is supposed to be fear, but this guy kills his Dad because his Dad never thought he was good enough & a complete joke. He tries to kill Hal because Hal has always been so cool. He tries to kill the girl because she never gave him the time of day & because Hal likes her. Seriously? How is that fear? I felt bad for this character. The way he was treated was terrible & then he doesn't choose to be evil, but instead is infected. Does he ever get redeemed? Nope. He gets nothing but dead. No one seems to care or miss him.

Second problem: Parallax as the main bad guy? Really? Parallax is a pretty serious bad guy & a very important part of Hal Jordan's history. The movie Parallax was hardly that. There was no tension. I did not once feel anyone was in danger from this thing. The writing as well as the visuals fell completely flat here. I think it was a case of less would have been more. The Parallax visual was laughable. A giant head on a smoke cloud that supposedly was fear itself. Yep, not buying it. Not even for a dollar. Once Hal goes to destroy it, it takes him less than 10 minutes. It is so simple & anti-climatic that you just can't understand how thousands upon thousands of Lanterns couldn't have figured that one out. Lame.

Third problem: Lame love interest story line. Yeah, no one cares. We just want to see more OA, Kilowog, Sinestro & Lantern. More fighting. Think action movie. No stupid lame love interest stuck in just because. THIS IS SUCH A WORN OUT TIRED & BORING ADDITION TO ANY SCRIPT. Oh, and no one gives a crap about it. It was the only lame part of the Thor movie. However in Thor, it was only really 30 secs of film. It weaves in & out of GL.

Okay, now the good stuff. Ryan Reynolds. Oh yeah, he totally pulled off Hal Jordan. He was fantastic. Sinestro. Holy crap. Sinestro was freaking AMAZING. Too bad these guys didn't get a better script. The lantern glow effects were great. The suit redesign totally worked. The lantern was stupid, but it did the job. All the Green Lantern Corp looked great. Kilowog said Poozer. OA looked great. Hal flew a jet. Holy crap, Angela Bassett is in this movie! It was fun. I was entertained.

That's about it. It could have been so much better. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't anywhere near the quality that DC's competitor Marvel has been turning out. Marvel really seems to be getting it. They understand how to be loyal to the fan base, the character & build a good story to play to people who aren't fans, while DC seems to flip flop around, never being loyal to anything & treating the audience like idiots. Can't wait for Captain American, & I never even really cared for Cap, but Marvel seems to take their heroes & make them even better on screen, while DC takes characters I love & dumbs them down & makes them lame.

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